Hot Wheels Unleashed: How to boost Start perfectly?

Hot Wheels is one of the oldest franchises and received many positive reviews from its players. Various gaming experts and members from the gaming community have shown their love for the arcade-style game in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This game arrived on 30th September. The developer and publisher of Hot Wheel Unleashed is MileStone S.r.I. This game has a lot of spectacular cars and tracks, which are the most attractive part. Players love the graphics and the gaming concept. Hot Wheels Unleashed is a paid game that is available on the Steam Store for only $20 U.S Dollars. You can play the game on your windows computer and also on all the consoles available.

Hot Wheels unleashed: How to boost start perfectly?

The boost start is all about the timing of pressing the acceleration button at the right moment of the race start. It will give you extra speed that is beneficial for winning the race.

The main thing to trigger a boost is pressing and holding the acceleration button during the countdown of the race. There is various starting boost, which activates depending on the timing of the acceleration. To get the perfect starting boost, you need to learn these steps.

  • Perfect Starting boost: You have to press and hold the acceleration button right when number “one” comes on screen. You have to be very precious about it. One nanosecond difference, and you will not get the perfect start boost.
  • Medium Starting Boost: This is also as beneficial as a perfect start boost. To get this boost press, and hold the acceleration button when number “two” comes on screen.
  • No starting boost: This is the worst start boost, or you can say no starting boost. If you fail to press and hold the acceleration button before one or two countdowns, only then no boost activities. 
To win the race you need a kick boost at the start of your race. Click here to unlock the starting boost in Hot Wheels Unleashed.
Perfect start boost in Hot Wheels Unleashed

What is the role of Starting boost in Hot Wheels Unleashed?

Many of the AI racers get an auto boost. So for you, it is necessary to get the perfect starting boost to win the race. A starting boost can be the difference between completing all objectives in the given time. Be careful not to press and hold the acceleration button before any countdown begins. If you do so, then you won’t get a starting boost at all. It doesn’t matter which car you are using, but some skills and a starting boost can help you win any race. So practice how to activate the starting boost by playing old missions or on racing test tracks.