How Does Rudeus Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED) In Mushoku Tensei ?

Rudeus suffers from a certain psychological condition called Erectile Dysfunction or ED in short. This condition of his is quite a bit bothersome for him. Because of ED, Rudeus was both physically and psychologically tense. Today in this article we will do a complete breakdown of what is ED and how Rudeus cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED). So, make sure to read until the end! Let’s begin without any further delay.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction? How Does It Affect Rudeus Psychologically?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or incompetence is a physical and psychological condition in which a man becomes unable to maintain his phallus, especially while mating with his partner. The affected person becomes very tense and ends up accumulating a lot of stress. This messes up his mind and body! In the end, the victim’s self-esteem and confidence levels hit rock bottom.

The same is the case with Rudeus right now. In episode 3 of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation’s season 2 we saw that Rudy is suffering from the same condition! When Rudy was engaged in the process of bonding with Sara in the episode he confirmed that he has the condition of ED. Afterwards, his self-esteem was shattered and he was blaming himself and also was in quite a bad mood.

How Did Rudeus Developed Erectile Dysfunction?

Rudeus develops this condition of Erectile Dysfunction because of the traumatic incident he had with Eris in the past! After the Mana Calamity incident, he and Eris travelled across both the entire Demon continent and Millis continent. However, they were able to come back home safely despite the enormous risks involved in the journey. Afterwards, Rudeus for the first time in his life loses his virginity to Eris.

He was immensely pleased to know the fact that he will spend his first night with none other than Eris. The next morning Rudeus woke up as usual only to discover the fact that Eris was nowhere to be found! She left him with a note saying that they are not suited for each other. This incident made Rudeus go into a state of depression. Afterwards, he developed the condition of Erectile Dysfunction.

How Does Rudeus Cure Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?


Despite suffering from ED for quite a long time, Rudeus will eventually cure this disease of his because of a certain individual that he is very close to! And that person is none other than Sylphy. She like everybody else was teleported to a random location during the Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident. After 8 whole years, Rudeus was finally reunited again with Sylphy in the Ranoa Magic Academy.

However, Rudy was not able to recognize her at all because she was disguised as a boy and also was wearing glasses. Her emerald-coloured hair which was sort of her signature trait had also been turned to white! Both Rudeus and Sylphy kept getting closer over a long period of time in the academy. After many meetings and encounters, Rudeus finally realized that this boy was none other than Sylphy.

All this time, She was known as a boy named Fitts which was just an alias. Rudeus was able to discern this because of a certain deed done by Sylphy. Rudeus took Sylphy’s virginity after she gave him an Aphrodisiac for the purpose of curing his Erectile Dysfunction or incompetence. Afterwards, Rudy got rid of this condition of his and they got married.

This particular scene is dramatic and will prove to be rather difficult to adapt in the anime series Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. However, we can only hope for the best and wait patiently for the adaptation!

Who Is Sylphy?

erectile dysfunction

Sylphiette is a childhood friend of the series’ protagonist Rudeus! She and Rudeus spent their whole childhood together. Years passed by and the tragic Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident took place. A lot of residents including Sylphy of the Fittoa region, Asura kingdom were teleported to random locations around the globe.

She is half human, elf and beast altogether. Later on, she became Princess Ariel’s personal favourite bodyguard. During her time in the Ranoa Magic Academy, she was disguised as a nerdy-looking boy and also took on an alias of Fitts! However, Rudeus after coming into contact with her several times, eventually realises that this boy Fitts is none other than his childhood friend Sylphy!

What Is Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident? Why Is It A Turning Point In Rudeus’s Life?

What Happened To Paul

The Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident is one of the most if not the most important events in the world of Mushoku Tensei! This disastrous event took place in the Fittoa region of the Asura kingdom. Because of this Teleportation Incident, many citizens of the Fittoa region were randomly transported to various unknown parts of the world. A lot of people also died due to the incident as this was too sudden and no one was mentally and physically prepared for this calamity!

Several Mana Calamity Incidents have already occurred since the start of the era of the Six-Faced world. The six-faced world is the setting where the series Mushoku Tensei takes place. However, the power of the Six-Faced world suddenly plummeted! This sudden change brought with it imbalance.

With the power balance of the Six-Faced world crumbling, there is no other choice than to absorb power from each other to compensate. The result arising from this sudden change of events is the Mana Calamity Teleportation Incident! This incident affected Rudeus’s life a bit too much. His whole life took a turn and every last member of his family got teleported to random locations around the globe!

About Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

What Happened To Paul

This story is about a man who is in his 30s and got involved in a truck accident while saving some kids. He ultimately met his demise. At this point, it seemed that everything was over for him! However, he was given a second shot at life and wakes up in a baby’s body in a completely new world different from the one he knew.

He tries his hardest to forget about his horrible past life and decides to move on in his second life. He promised himself to not repeat the same mistakes that he made in his past life. It was all so that he can stay happy this time! This man who was reincarnated in the body of a baby was named Rudeus and was born in a prominent noble Greyrat family of the Asura kingdom.

Afterwards, he spends his time honing his skills to make proper use of his magic. Eventually becoming adept at using magic! Rudeus with his past life’s experience and magic abilities becomes a force to be reckoned with! This is so because he had extensive knowledge and power both in his hands now!

This series shows us various phases in Rudeus’ life and how he overcomes all the difficulties and challenges that he’ll face throughout this new life to his. This is a must-watch Isekai anime that will be worth your precious time. So, make sure to give this series a try.

About Ranoa Magic Academy

What Happened To Paul

Ranoa Magic Academy is the most prestigious school of magic in the entire Mushoku Tensei universe! It is sponsored by none other than the Magic Guilds of the Magic Triumvirate. Ranoa Magic Academy houses more than ten thousand students on its extravagant campus. This academy is situated in the city of Sharia, in the kingdom of Ranoa which is in the Central continent.

The academic curriculum usually lasts 7 years. However, if a student is involved in any magical research that is supported by the Magic Guild then the duration can be extended even further, especially for that particular student!

Where To Watch Mushoku Tensei?

You can watch this anime series on various platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation and that too for completely free! However, it is recommended that one should buy a subscription to avoid all the ads that are shown in between the episode. These platforms are also malware free and completely legal. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about your device’s safety! You should definitely give this anime series a try!

Why Is Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation So Popular?

Mushoku Tensei is awesome! I don’t recommend it.
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This series is loved by fans and has gained tremendous popularity over the years! This is so because of the good storytelling and plot that fascinates a new viewer. There are many series with a great plot but they lack in their storytelling department. However, Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation is a series that engages its viewers with its incredible storytelling as well as its plot and then there is the element of uniqueness that acts as a plus point.

The story shows us the different phases of Rudy’s life. From his childhood to adulthood! Fans eventually are bound to love both the main character and the series alike. This series creates a type of bond with the viewers. This anime series is truly one of its kind and deserves all the praise and recognition.


In the end, Rudeus was able to get a heavy burden off his shoulder which was his incompetence. The mangaka Rifujin na Magonote tried to make certain scenes in this arc as emotional as possible. And it perfectly suits the theme of this whole arc. This is also because many sensitive topics were shown in this arc like sexual challenges, trauma etc.

It’s time to wrap up this article. Thank you for reading! Also, make sure to look out for more interesting articles like this one only on ShivSaga!

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