How to change text and voice language in COD MW2

Developed by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most popular games in the Call of Duty game series. The game presents a multi-national special task force unit and the prime objective is to capture a Russian terrorist. With advanced military weapons and war locations, the game has won the heart of many gaming fans worldwide. Read further to know how to change the voice and text language in cod mw2.

How to change text and voice language in Cod MW2

Players who have downloaded the pirated version of Modern Warfare 2 are facing language issues while playing the game. All the audio and text are in the Russian language, making it difficult to understand all the commands and the storyline of the game. Well, you can change the language from the in-game settings.

Landing page in Modern Warfare 2

In order to change the language in Modern Warfare 2, start with launching the game and then head over to the Properties. Select language settings and then select English to any other language you wish to use from the given list of languages. Once you save the change, the language of the audio and text in the game will change. You can restore the language settings to default again by selecting the default language from the Language settings.

If the language does not change after you change it from the Language Settings, then it cannot be helped. You will have to purchase the original version of Modern Warfare 2 and play the game in your suitable language.

What’s new in Modern Warfare 2

Initially, there was no multiplayer mode in COD: Modern Warfare 2. Now the developers have introduced a large-scale battleground mode in the game. Players can enjoy multiplayer gameplay with their friends or can jump into the action in solo mode. This year the game will introduce two new round-based objective modes called Prisoner Rescue and Knockout.

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