How to complete your pet collection fast in Pet Simulator X ?

You must be familiar with the addition of a pet collection machine in the brand new Pet Simulator X update 4, a.k.a the Heaven update. The machine will keep track of every pet you have ever owned in the game from now downwards. The machine will also highlight the pets and their variations you haven’t owned yet. Also, there are free slots that can be equipped with the pets you currently have. Plus, if you are continuously filling up your collection, you will get more free slots as there are 3 slots available for now. You will find the pet collection machine right next to the fantasy shop at the entrance. There are 3 tiers in this pack collection. The first tier will be 150 passes, the second tier will be 252 passes and tier three will be 350 passes. Each tier you gain, you get plus one pass equipped.

How to complete your pet collection fast?

How to complete your pet collection fast
Pet Collection Machine

Here we have provided you with a list of 12 steps to be followed for you to complete your pet collection super fast:Step 1: Go to the first workshop area.

Step 2: Choose the first egg and click on open three.

step 3: Open three common eggs and skip golden eggs. Repeat the same for the second area.

Step 4: Next open two of the common eggs and skip golden eggs. Repeat it till you complete all the areas.

Step 5: Go to the next floor and go all the way to the winter eggs. Open 3 normal eggs.

Step 6: Continue this on all the areas on the second floor.

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Step 7: Now you must have opened all the normal eggs from the first world. After doing this go to another setting and activate auto-delete.

Step 8: Now go and open the golden eggs. You need to open at least 6 passes and buy 3 of the golden eggs in all the areas on the first floor.

Step 9: Then go to the second floor and buy 3 eggs from each of the 2 golden eggs.
So now you would have pretty much got almost cent percent of normal and golden eggs.

Step 10: Next, you should go to your demand area and you need to go to the rainbow machine, and then you’re going to have to fuse the golden patch you got into a rainbow pet. Just fuse 6 of them and then you will get a rainbow into your collection! You need to do the same to all these golden passes.

Step 11: After all these, you should turn off your luck boost and start opening every single egg in the first world including the Domino’s egg and the gate.

Step 12: Then go to the fantasy shop and do the same thing. Here open all the common eggs and leave the golden ones. Make sure your auto delete is off and then open the golden eggs from different areas and then fuse them to obtain a rainbow pet. Then you can put all these packs into your pet collections fast!

There you go! Follow these 12 simple steps to complete your pet collection fast. We hope you get it! What are you waiting for? Give it a try!