How to download and play Humankind free beta version on macOS?

Humankind is a turn-based strategy multi-player game developed by Amplitude Studios, and was launched on 17th August 2021. The game takes its players on a ride in the past, starting right at the beginning of human evolution. Humankind gives in-game experience to be the first to make history. Mastering battle skills is one of the key aspects of Humankind. Each battle plays out like a mini turn-based board game, where each troop has its own set of abilities. The game is a warehouse of mysteries and adventures, waiting for you to unreveal them. How far will you push for Humankind!

How to download and play Humankind free beta on MacOS?

Humankind was initially released for Microsoft Windows and Stadia. A few days later, the game was launched in macOS too. It is not a free-to-play game, and the game needs to be purchased. There are two editions: Standard edition (2399 INR) and Humankind deluxe edition (2899 INR). On the 15th of September,2021, the team of Amplitude Studios shared some exciting news for mac as well as PC players. Players now can enjoy a macOS-compatible beta version of the next patch update of Humankind, which is available on the Steam store now.

Here is a guide for you to get the beta version of Humankind easily.

  • The Mac port and beta version of the patch update are only available in Steam.
  • This beta can be easily accessed. All you need to do is opt into the beta-mac_1.3.248 (for PC players) on the Betas tab in the game’s properties. This option is available for free.
  • All players must be using the appropriate beta if they want to enjoy multi-player between Mac and PC.
Download and play Humankind free beta on Pc
Humankind Civilization

As this is just the beta update, the developers are still working on several issues like m1 chips are not working yet and fixing bugs. The version is still under test and has the scope for improvement. Amplitude team wants players to download for free and play Humankind beta version, and positively report the bugs and glitches they encounter.

Humankind VS Civilization VI

Humankind is the latest game to present the 4X strategy genre. The game has some similarities to the popular game Civilization VI, but there are also many differences. Humankind has the feature to craft your leader, while Civ VI lets you choose a plethora of leaders to choose from. Battles happen on the surface of the minimap in Civ VI,however, in Humankind, combat happens in a blocked-off part of the map. Both the games give a unique gaming experience to the players and also match the entertainment levels.