How to Dupe in Adopt Me 2021

As we all know, duping is one such process that enables us to double our possessions in the game. This is regarded as illegal by the gaming platforms. However, the players are trying various tricks and hacks to dupe what they need in the game, for instance, pets and items in case of the Adopt Me If you wonder if it’s possible to dupe pets and items in the Adopt Me game, the answer is, Yes, it is possible! But we do not encourage the duping methods in Adopt me as it is against the rules and regulations of the Roblox gaming platform.

How to Dupe in Adopt Me 2021

How to Dupe in Adopt Me!

Beware! If you use these methods, you have a high chance of getting get banned. The only benefit of duping in Adopt Me! is to double your joy by doubling your favorite pets. Here we have provided you the steps that you can follow to dupe both pets and items in the game. The given hacks/steps do not require any software. You can dupe any pets, including neon pets and legendary pets, and any items. Follow these steps!

Method #1 (Pets)

Step 1: Scroll down into your backpack and pull out a random pet or your favorite pet that you want to dupe.

Step 2: Equip the pets and then reset your character and then again equip the pets.

There you go, you must have been able to dupe the pet which you chose.

Method #2 ( Lemonade Stand Duplication glitch)

Step 1: Put either a lemonade stand or hotdog stand and trade it with your friend or someone you know.

Step 2: Now, you need to teleport to the gifts area with your friend and tell them to put the lemonade or hotdog stand before you trade again with each other.

There you go, you must have been able to dupe the lemonade stand.

Method #3 ( Both Pets and Items)

Step 1: You need to hop on the air balloon and head to the sky castle. This will cost five dollars in the game. However, you can avail of it again.

Step 2: After entering the tower, you will have to look for the second door in it.

Step 3: Use the gravity potion to fly up and use the trampoline to jump high. This will allow you to transfer to an invisible round where you can duplicate any item you have, even your pets! To duplicate, make sure that you have equipped the pet that you want to duplicate and then unequip and re-equip the same pets. This gives a chance for you to duplicate your desired pet!

All the three given methods are worth giving a try! However, keep in mind that it may or may not work! We hope you get it! Try all these given hacks as many times possible and try to double your pets! Do not get disappointed if something goes wrong. Also, if you rely on exploits/script executors, you are not safe as your account can be banned any time!