How to farm 15000 crystals per hour in Roblox Anime Warriors

In our previous blog, we have seen Anime Warriors that was recently updated on 14th August 2021, and the list of its working codes. As we all know the best feature of the game is many of our favorite anime characters in one game! We can also summon new characters by paying crystals ( in-game currency) on a given banner. If we are after a particular character, we will probably have to pick the banner that features them. The in-game anime characters fall under 6 categories based on their power levels. It asks you to assemble a diverse cast of characters from popular anime shows such as Dragonball and Naruto, and train them to face a rising number of difficulties. Any three unlocked characters can go into a fight in a single-player mode.

How to get 15000 crystals per hour?

We all know that crystals are the in-game currency that can only be obtained via missions battling our opponents. Have you ever wondered if you can farm the crystals? Yes, that’s right! You can farm the crystals in the game. Here we are providing you with a list of 10 steps to be followed while farming crystals. You will be able to farm even up to 15 thousand crystals per hour. Curious already? Here’s the list of 10 steps that are to be followed to farm 15 thousand crystals in one hour. Check them out!

Step 1: Choose your anime characters who are really good at long run or dash attacks. The best examples of such characters in the game are Minato (The 4th) and Kid Gohan.

Step 2: After choosing your characters, go to the adventure mode, choose Endless Chunin Exams mission, and select the overkill mode.

Step 3: After stepping into game mode, battle all your enemies but don’t kill everyone. Make sure you leave one enemy alive each time you battle.

Step 4: Now you have to make your enemies ( who are left alive) follow you to the caged walls that you will find next to the cylindrical pipes in the game.

Step 5: It’s time to act now! Yes! Get your enemies stuck in the caged walls. They would be struggling for a long time to come out of it.

Step 6: After getting your enemies trapped, run towards the different colored areas on the walls. There you have to face forward and dash backward.

Step 7: Do it carefully and continuously until you can get yourself outside the arena.

Step 8: Now you need to trick your enemies again by running towards them, and making them follow you to the targeted part of the wall. ( Note: Make sure you stay outside the wall)

Step 9: After the enemies reach along with you the targeted part of the wall, kill the enemy and now allow the next round in the game to begin.

Step 10: Finally, destroy your trapped enemies by using long-range attacks on them standing near to them. This will help you to deal with massive damage to them as well as take damage on yourself.

Now there you go! You must have earned 15 thousand crystals after having followed all these 10 steps! What are you waiting for? Give it a try! (Note: you need to be very careful because this may not be considered as a legit feature in the game as you are not supposed to go outside the map.)