How to find and get back your lost or destroyed car in GTA V online?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), an action-packed adventure game developed by Rockstar Games, is honestly the best edition of GTA game. The story of GTA V revolves around the fictional city of San Andreas and Los Santos with three main characters with their unique role in the story. The open-world feature allows the players to explore the huge city of San Andreas and Los Santos, performing various exciting action missions. The most innovative feature is the mode where players can frame their own scene using other characters and many more visuals of their choice. You can purchase and play GTA V on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PS5, and Xbox Series.

How to find and get back your lost or destroyed car in GTA V online?

The world of GTA V is more into destruction with guns blazing and street fights, with raging violence at every corner of the street.  The game provides powerful weapons to players like rocket launchers and RPGs or even the Orbital Cannon that can destroy vehicles in a second. Players can also snatch and steal the vehicles of other players in the city. Sometimes, due to bad internet connections, the player can lose his vehicle. Amidst all chaos, personal vehicles can destroy or commonly get stolen. Worry not,here are few steps for you to get back your destroyed car in GTA V online:

  1. Go to a convenient location in the city, such as the sidewalk or maybe a parking lot.
  2. Open the smartphone and navigate to the Contacts application.
  3. Give a call to Mors Mutual Insurance.
  4. Select the garage where the destroyed personal vehicle is.
  5. Select the destroyed vehicle from the vehicle list.
  6. Then dial-up to the mechanic.
  7. Select the garage in which the recovered car is then stored.
  8. Select the car from the list of cars, and the destroyed car will come near you.
Get lost or destroyed car in GTA V online
Destroying car in GTA V Online

If your car is lost or you have been wasted or arrested, then you can find your lost belongings at the Impound Garage. You need to look for it on the map and claim your car from there. You can contact Rockstar support for assistance and better guidance.

The next update of GTA V is coming soon, on November 11, 2021. Rockstar Games have stated that there will be an extension and enhancement in the upcoming versions. For gaming consoles, the game will have technical improvements and performance degradation. In addition, the new standalone version of GTA Online will soon be available can players can claim it for free on PS5, for the first three months after its launch in March 2022.