How to fix COD MW2 Beta adding phone number issue?

There is no better release than the latest beta version of MW2. In COD, Modern Warfare 2 has been hyped more than any other game of COD. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you will need to verify your phone number to proceed with the beta versions. However, the MW2 Steam is not letting some players verify their phone numbers. But, we have a solution for you. Keep reading this article to learn how to fix COD MW2 Beta adding phone number issues.

How to fix COD MW2 Beta adding phone number issue?

If you have already added the phone number in Steam, you will have to verify it, which is the problem for most players of the MW 2 Beta version. Now you have to tap on “Go To Steam Account,” and then it will prompt a message to enter the OTP sent to your number. However, follow this instruction if you did not add your phone number in Steam.

  1. Find the option “Go To Steam Account” and tap on it.
  2. Now, you must add the phone number and click on Proceed.
  3. It will ask for the SMS verification code you will receive in your number.
  4. Once you enter the code, finish it, and close the Steam Window.
  5. Now click on “I already added a phone number,” and it will take you to the game.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gameplay

Now, if you are facing issues verifying the SMS code sent to your number, follow these instructions.

  1. Launch the Steam application on your device.
  2. Now, click on Steam from the top left corner.
  3. There you will have to click on Settings.
  4. Go to View Account Details, under the Account tab, and find Manage Your Phone Number.
  5. You will find this option under the Contact Info. Once you find the Manage Your Phone Number option, click on it.
  6. Now tap on “Remove Number” and follow the guidelines on the screen.
  7. Once all this is done, open your Modern Warfare 2 game.
  8. You will now be prompted with a message saying “Mobile Number Required.”
  9. When you get this prompt, follow the phone number add instructions, and solve the issues.

So, these are the steps by which you can solve the phone number issue in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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