How To Fix Fall Guys Shows Running But Game Not Start /Fall Guys Not Responding

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Fall Guys is one of the popular multiplayer games in which players can enjoy competition without any violent actions. Epic Games have taken over the ownership of Fall Guys. You will not find that game on Steam anymore. Fall Some players are facing disturbing issues like the game not responding after the launch or game freezing issues. Read further to learn how you can solve these issues easily.

How To Fix Fall Guys Shows Running But Game Not Start/ Fall Guys Not Responding

This problem generally happens due to server downs or some disturbing game files. Here’s a guide for you to fix the Fall Guys game not launching or not responding issue.

1. Check the Fall Guys server

Sometimes due to the game’s maintenance, the servers remain down. In that case, the game will open but players will not be able to play. You will have to wait to play until the servers are up again.

2. Check the System Requirements

If you playing Fall Guys on a low-end PC then you must check the minimum system requirements when the game is not responding. In that case, you will have to upgrade your gaming device to enjoy smooth gameplay. You can check the system requirements to play Fall Guys by clicking here.

3. Update the Graphics Card drivers

You may be using outdated graphics drivers which is causing issues while launching Fall Guys. Visit the official website of your graphics card and then check for updates. Once the update is downloaded and installed, try launching the game.

Fall Guys not working
Update the graphics drivers of your device

4. Verify the game files

It is possible that the Fall Guys file you have may be damaged or some files may be missing. You can verify the integrity of the game files from Steam. After the verification is over, launch the game and your issue will be fixed.

5. Uninstall and reinstall the game

If the above solutions do not work then uninstall the game from your gaming device and remove all the game files and then install it again. This will install the latest version of the game, and the problem will be fixed.

Lastly, you can try restarting the PC as it will restart the graphics drivers and the game will launch. If the problem still persists then contact the customer service of Fall Guys and seek their help.

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