How to fix steam deck not working or black screen

Steam users are currently facing the black screen issue on their Steam Deck. However, there are not enough fixes to this minor issue. There can be some reasons for which you are facing the Steam Deck issue. Your Steam Deck may have a black screen issue due to your damaged controller. It’s often seen that if you have dropped your controller, then you can face this problem. Also, a possible reason for the Steam Deck’s black screen is a low battery issue. You might have seen a low battery warning whenever you switch on your console right before the screen turns black or gets off. You can face this black screen problem due to hardware problems. It can be because your AC adapter is broken or worn out. Also, maybe your dock is broken. In such cases, you must check all the possibilities for the black screen issue.

How to fix steam deck not working or black screen

Here, you will find some solutions from which you can solve this Steam Deck black screen issue. So, just keep on following the guidance since these fixes are confirmed.

Force Reboot Your Steam Deck

  1. To do this, the press holds the Power button for more than twelve seconds.
  2. Now, press the power button, for turning on the console. 

From these two steps, your black screen issue should be solved. Check if the Steam Deck black screen issue is fixed or not. However, if it is not solved then follow the next method.

Check Your AC Adapter

Your Steam Deck can malfunction due to a damaged deck charger.

  1. Check if the adapter is the original 45W USB Type-C charger or not. If it is not the original charger, then you must change it. Sometimes, the charger does not supply enough power.
  2. Check for any open source in the cable of the charger. If you find any cut in the cable, then you must replace it with a new one, to avoid accidents.
  3. Connect the perfect charger to your console and check if the issue is solved or not.

However, even after these two settings your Steam Deck black screen issue is not solved then you should try contacting your Steam Deck Help office. They will perform the necessary repairs on your console, by which your Steam Deck black screen issue will be solved.