How to fix the Blizzard invalid phone number issue

In this post, we discuss how you can fix the blizzard invalid phone number issue.

Among American video game developers, Blizzard Entertainment, inc. is one of them. Its publisher is chiefly based in Irvine, California. Originally, the company concentrated on the game ports creation for other studios’ games even before their software development beginning with games like The Lost Vikings and Rock n’ Roll Racing. As with most studios with multiple franchises, it has organized distinctive departments for overseeing such franchises. Apart from their success still, minor issues are faced by users with Blizzard.

This kind of issue is faced when a pre-paid phone number is added. The pre-paid phone numbers fail to support, and this limitation cannot be bypassed by Blizzard Customer support. It can also be the case when the mentioned number is wrong. Also, the registered country on the account might be incorrect.

Ways to fix blizzard invalid phone number issue 

Mobile authenticator

There is a need for a mobile authenticator and just activate it. During the process of activation, it will allow for using the number which previously fail to work. Then enter the code for verification. There is no need for SMS confirmation anymore, but one uses the authenticator to login into the system.

Use a non-VoIP number

The phone service provider which uses VoIP might not be able to be compatible with the verification. One has to use a non-VoIP phone number for making it work. The non-VoIP number can be described as a real mobile number mainly linked along a physical SIM card. Through this online platforms and services can be protected perfectly. That’s why it is easier to distinguish a user from a malware operation or a hacker.

Different area codes

One can even try phone along distinctive area codes. Depending on the number availability and the service provider, Vell phone users might keep their number’s last seven digits and only change the area code. The area code can be changed by:

  • Look for the cell phone’s ESN. Under the battery, one can find the ESN on a sticker, and on the box, the phone appears. Also, one can find the ESN on cell phones with the usage of the “Options” menu or a similar menu. In the form of S/N or SN, the ESN might also be listed.
  • Contact the customer service department of the wireless provider. Several providers have web pages or automated voice systems that allow them to change the number. From a landline, call the company and speak in person to a representative.
  • Tell a representative about changing the area code and give them the ESN. Ask them if the last seven digits can be kept of the old number. Several providers can allow requesting a particular number if its availability is in the new area code.


It can be concluded that several people are impressed by the Blizzard. But due to the issues like invalid phone numbers can be quite frustrating. With the aid of the above-mentioned fixes, one can easily solve the invalid phone number issue.