How to fix Xbox not connecting to Android TV

Samsung Smart Tv
Samsung Smart TV with wireless gamepad

From black and white box televisions to modern-day Android televisions, technology has evolved in the past few decades. Now, we can not only watch entertainment shows on the television but also stream online videos and play games. If you wish to play games on your Android TV, you must connect it to a gaming controller. But, some are facing the issue of Xbox controller not connecting to an Android TV. Read further to know how to fix it.

How to fix Xbox controller not connecting to Android Tv

Some users are reporting issues while connecting the Xbox controller to the Android Tv. This problem mainly occurs as the Android Tv may not be compatible working with the Xbox controller. The Xbox controller must be connected via Bluetooth to the Android device. Connecting the Xbox gamepad using a USB cable with not work. The wireless Xbox controller will match the color of the overall controller.  However, if you do not connect the controller properly then it may fail to work. Here’s a guide for you to connect the Xbox gamepad properly to the Android Tv.

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Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller
  • Firstly, press and hold the Bluetooth button on your Xbox controller to turn it on.
  • Now in your Android TV go to the Settings and turn on the Bluetooth.
  •  Look for the Xbox controller in the list of available devices. Upon finding it click on the controller name and then pair.
  • Once the Android Tv is successfully paired with your Xbox gamepad, you can use the controller to play games on it.

Make sure that you use a wireless Xbox controller to connect to the Tv. If it fails to connect then you must complete the pending updates in your Android Tv as well as the controller. Also, you should know that all the applications may not work with the controller while others may work just fine. You can also use other controllers that are compatible with the Android Tv for a better gaming experience.

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