How to get a mythical phantom wolf in pet simulator x

As we all have seen in our previous article, the awesome Roblox game, Pet Simulator X has come up with its second update featuring two new islands, 15 new pets, 2 new eggs, an extremely rare mythical phantom wolf along with teleport as well as auto-delete features and much more. We bet you are all enjoying the new update of Pet Simulator X. Speaking of the update, the fans are in high anticipation to discover the rare and mythical Phantom wolf which is reported to be a highly powerful pet.

There are two varieties of mythical pets. One is a rainbow mythical phantom wolf that is said to be the strongest pet in the game causing enormous damage. The other one is a golden mythical phantom wolf. It is reported that only three golden phantom wolves are available in the game. We know how difficult it will be for us to discover and capture these creatures.

How to get a mythical phantom wolf in pet simulator x

 Mythical phantom wolf

We have come up with one of the ways for you all to try capturing the mythical phantom wolf in the game. This method involves fusing. We hope you are all aware of what fusing is. For those who are not aware of fusing, fusing is nothing but a method of emerging your variety of pets to obtain one as a whole which would be powerful. Here is the list of 6 steps to get your mythic phantom wolf.

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Step 1: Make sure you have installed the recent update of the game ( released on 15th August 2021)

Step 2: Collect and have in your pocket as many as fantasy coins.

Step 3: Set your travel to any land. For example, travel to the beach area and then go to the place meant for fusing your pets.

Step 4: Unequip pets like including 1 legendary pet Agony, golden Shadow griffin, 1 reaper, 4-5 golden skels, 4-5 green wisps, and 2 wisps. It’s just you who need to balance filling the fusing slot of 11 pets accordingly.

Step 5: Fuse all your pets.

Step 6: Trade them to get the rarest mythical phantom wolf. The best and the most powerful in the game.

Good luck champs! We hope you all get the mythical wolf phantom.