How to get all items in the Roblox Vans World Event

Roblox has emerged as one of the most popular and the best gaming platforms globally with more than 40 Million games! It’s been a long journey since 2006 with huge accomplishments. Roblox allows you to become game developers on your own and play intriguing games. Roblox has not stopped with games but also launches several events occasionally associated with popular internet personalities, several brands, and sponsors.

KSI Event

The last popular event launched by Roblox was the musical event, KSI launch party, on 13th August 2021. Roblox organized this virtual concert in partnership with KSI, BMG, Proper Loud, and MBA Live. Roblox also featured some of KSI event items like Neon gamer coolers, gamer helmets, London flags, golden headphones, AOTP hat, royal cape, KSI toy figure, championship belts, and much more. We have discussed this in our blog.

Roblox Van World Event

How to get all items in the Vans World Event

Recently, Roblox has launched a new and exciting event on September 1st, 2021, in the name of Vans World Event, which is exclusive for the Roblox players. This event is live now in association with Vans apparel. The Vans World Event is all about virtual skateboarding experiences. Following the launch of this event, the fans are pretty much excited. One of the fascinating features of this event is that it allows you to explore real-world locations! Yes, that’s right! For instance, you can explore the House of Vans in London, which is nothing but a skate park under the well-known Waterloo station. How cool is that!

The real reason behind launching the event is that millions of Roblox gamers are big fans of Vans apparel. It is also reported that the community of such gamers was asking for this event. Another reason is that Vans apparel, a global brand that focuses on skating culture for almost 50+ years, found it beneficial to get into the association with such a big gaming platform that would give both sides great exposure. Thus, the Vans House event is a great delight to the Roblox gamers, skating board fans, and all the fans who could access the Roblox metaverse.

How to get all items in the Roblox Vans World Event

There will be so many exciting items available in the updates. Here we have provided you with the ways how to get all the items in the Roblox Vans Event! Check them out!

You need to know that there are four shops in the game, but you have to go inside the apparel shop.

  • The trick store– where you buy tricks to do on your skateboard
  •  Shoes – because Roblox doesn’t have shoes yet.
  •  The skateboard

All these are in the game. Keep in mind that the only shop you need to go to is the apparel shop. As the sign says, there is a free item inside the apparel shop. There will be available one each day, and when they are gone, they will be gone. If you have enough Robux, you can get the products by pressing “e” on them. You can buy backpacks, wings, glasses, headphones, hats, beanies, pants and shirts, and much more

There you go! We hope you get it! Hurry up! Give it a try before the event comes to an end.