How To Get All New Halloween Pets In Adopt Me?

All New Halloween Pets In Adopt Me

Roblox always brings the coolest and greatest games. Games like Pet Simulator, Ninja Legends, and Restaurant Tycoon 2, are some of the famous games from Roblox. Adopt me is also a game from Roblox. It is one of the biggest games in the world. This game comes up with frequent updates. And similarly, the recent update of Adopt Me is The Halloween Update. The Halloween Update brings some spooky new creatures and sights with it in every update. Halloween update is best for those players who like a few creepy pets. This update will give you a chance to unlock some creepy new pets. Here is a list of new pets from the Halloween update and also steps on how to earn it.

How To Get All New Halloween Pets In Adopt Me?

The new pets that showed up in this update are:

  1. Halloween Mummy Cat
  2. Halloween Evil Dachshund
  3. Halloween Skeleton Dog
  4. Halloween Blue Scorpion
  5. Halloween Ghost Dragon

You will find all these pets once you are into the spawning cave and move towards the various pet store available. If you move on to the cat store you will get to purchase the Halloween Cat Box only for 600 candy. The chance of getting the Golden Halloween Mummy Cat is only 5% and white mummy cat is 75% and black cat is 20%. If you are lucky enough, you will get the Golden Halloween Mummy cat.

All New Halloween Pets In Adopt Me
New outfit for pets in Halloween update 2021

The Evil Dachshund will cost you only 1000 candies, and you can easily get this awesome rare pet in your collection. If you move right from the Box stores, you will get to purchase the Skeleton Dog and has the same luck percentage as the Halloween Mummy Cat. This will cost you only 1200 candies. The Halloween Blue Scorpion will cost you only 300 candies, and you can upgrade all these pets from neon to mega. In the end, you can move to the Ghost Dragon area, and this will cost you 10.000 Robux. The chance of getting a golden Ghost Dragon is very less since that is a super rare pet. But if you are lucky enough you can get a Golden Ghost Dragon pet.

About Halloween Ghost Dragon

This pet arrived with the new update in Adopt Me. The Halloween White Ghost Dragon is a legendary pet in Adopt Me. You can easily get this pet in your collection from the Halloween shop. Ghost Dragon can even be obtained by trading with players from Adopt Me after this event ends. This pet will cost you only 10,000 Robux. It has horns and wings and is a lot different than a regular dragon. Moreover, you can upgrade this rare pet, to Neon and then Mega Ghost Dragon.

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