How to get angel cat in Pet Simulator X?

In our previous blogs, we have provided you with in-depth details on the Pet Simulator X update 4, and also we have provided you with the new upcoming Pet leaks that include new cyborg pets such as the cat knife, Nyan Cat, and grumpy cat. It is also a fact that there are golden variants too.

New eggs and coins in Pet Simulator X Update 5

How to get angel cat Pet Simulator XAccording to the new reliable source, there is a leak on a variety of new eggs, namely,

  • Combustion egg
  • Titanium egg
  • Super high tech egg
  • Scrap egg
  • High egg
  • Alien egg

It is also reported that these can only be bought by new coins called High Tech Fantasy coins that will also be available in the upcoming update Wow! That’s a lot! Hyped up already?

How to get angel cat in Pet Simulator X?

How to get angel cat Pet Simulator X

You must be very well aware of the heavenly eggs, both normal eggs, and golden Empyrean eggs. As you all know, a golden egg costing 3.15 Billion hatches golden Empyrean pets, namely stallions, foxes, and snakes. You will get a mythical Angelus and a golden legendary dragon if the mythical Hunter pass and both lucky passes have been activated. Likewise, the normal egg costing 360 million hatches normal heavenly pets: the angel dog, angel cat, heavenly Peacock, dove, and Pegasus. If the mythical Hunter pass and both the lucky passes have been activated, you will get a heavenly peacock.

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Here we have provided the ways to get the angel cat.

#1 Normal Angel Cat

You have a decent amount of 65 percent probability of hatching angel cat(s), buying the normal heavenly egg each time. So to improve your chance, you can activate both the lucky passes to get angel cat(s).

#2 Golden Angel Cat

You can make the angel cat gold. All you need is to the golden machine at the spawn and convert the normal angel cat into a golden angel cat. Try to hatch a golden angel cat by buying and opening the golden heavenly eggs. However, this costs too much.

#3 Rainbow Angel Cat

As there is no known fusing method to get a rainbow angel cat, you can get the rainbow angel cat only by using the rainbow machine situated at the Mine Biome.

We hope you get it! Give it a try!