How to get Angel Dog in Pet Simulator X

Heaven update is one of the biggest updates for Pet Simulator X. The update was released on August 29th, 2021. We all know that Preston has hinted at so many heavenly features after the hellish update released on August 25th, 2021. The addition of Hell and Heaven Islands as the fifth and sixth in-game portals has made the players go crazy. It is noticeable that Pet Simulator X has recently been launched with the new Traveling Merchant update on September 4th, 2021. This enables the players to buy the pets for millions of diamonds.

Heavenly Update

Speaking of the heaven update, we have the biggest chests in the heaven portal compared to all the other portals. The heavenly pets are technically the most powerful pets when compared to other portal pets. They have higher stats, and some pets are extremely rare to obtain. The well-known heavenly pets from the normal heavenly eggs are angel cats, angel dogs, doves, heavenly peacocks, Pegasus, and normal empyrean pets. The pets that are possible to be hatched from the golden egg costing 3.15 Billion are the golden Empyrean pets such as stallions, foxes, snakes, along with legendary dragons and mythical angelus.  The mythical and Legendary pets can be hatched if the mythical hunter passes and both the luck boost passes are activated.

Angel Dog in Pet Simulator X

How to get Angel DogOne of the rarest heavenly pets to obtain via hatching the egg is the angel dog. The probability of hatching the angel dog has is 23 percent from both a normal heavenly egg and a golden heavenly egg. If you wonder if there is any fusing combo, we are afraid not! There is not any best working fusing combo to get a version of angel dog. However, there are two ways you can make use of to get the angel dog. One is a trading method, and the other is a traveling merchant.

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How to get angel dog in Pet Simulator X

Method #1 Trading

Trading is one of the best possible methods to get the rarest pets. All you want to do is approach a fellow player in the server who has an angel dog. Then offer him the rare legendary pets or mythical pets which you have in numbers or negotiate with him. Know what he needs from you. Once he accepts, start the trade. There you go! You can obtain the angel dog via trading.

Method #2 Traveling Merchant

Traveling Merchant spawns every 20-40 mins in the game. You can buy as many pets as possible from him and boost your respect level. It is possible to obtain the angel dog from the traveling merchant for diamonds in millions. All you need to do is increase the respect level to enable you to buy the rare pets available in the game.

There you go! Without hatching eggs or using any fusing combos, we can get the angel dog. We hope you get it!