How to get/ best fuse combo to get rainbow agony in pet simulator x

The Pet simulator game is filled with a lot of new, exciting pets starting from normal to mythical and legendary. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that the fusing technique or mechanism can be accessed only after you reach area three which is the beach. Once you unlock the beach area, you can find the fusing place on the right side. There you can start fusing your pets. You need a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 pets to fuse. Fusing involves the emergence of multiple pets to obtain one single pet that is more likely to be powerful. It costs 2500 gems to fuse your pets for a single time.

How to get/ best fuse combo to get rainbow agony in pet simulator x

Before carrying out a fusion process to obtain an agony, you need to know the basic facts about the fusion machine. If you use normal pets to fuse, you get normal agonies. If you use golden pets to fuse, you will get golden agonies. For obtaining rainbow agonies, use rainbow pets. Here let us know how to fuse our pets to gain a rainbow agony using the best combination method.

Step 1: Go to the Fantasy shop – Buy as many pets as required. Make sure you have got more reapers.

Step 2: Now go to any area, where you can find the fusing machine.

Step 3: Go near the fusing machine and use the following combo that involves rainbow pets to obtain a rainbow agony.

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Best fusing method – Choose:

6 Rainbow Skele + 4 Rainbow Reapers/Ghosts + 2 Rainbow Willow Wisps

After choosing the pets in the right numbers, click on fuse ( Note: This costs 2500 Gems). As the outcome of this fusing method, you will be able to obtain the rainbow legendary agony!

You can even gain 4 rainbow agonies in a row if you fuse five times. However, this depends on your luck. We hope you got it! Give it a try!