How to get custom tornado phantom car in GTA online during Halloween event 2021

No one in the gaming world would say that they are not fond of the game, “GTA”. GTA series is one of the most top-rated and popular series of intriguing role-playing games that involve the best captivating storylines which are fun-filled and action-packed, fulfilling the needs of every gamer. If you have not played at least a single game in the series, you are not a real gamer! We bet you have played any one of the games in the series, let it be among the 4 versions of GTA Vice City, the most played GTA San Andreas 1 and 2, or GTA 5 which is the last game having been released by the rockstar studios.

Fantastic GTA 5

Since its release in 2013, GTA 5 has been known as the most advanced game in the series. This is because of its most advanced realistic gameplay and fascinating features. As a result of its skyrocketed popularity, the game has been made available on almost all gaming platforms such as PlayStation -3,4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. The unique and most engaging feature of this game is its online multiplayer game which allows the players to play along with other 30 players and participate in exciting events.

The Halloween Event 2021 in GTA Online

Speaking of the exciting events, the Halloween event is one of the most popular events that take place every year since 2015. The Halloween event is filled with loads of surprises and cool features. One of the cool features is Halloween-themed cars. Cars in GTA are really special. What if the cars are Halloween-themed? It is double special and extremely cool! We bet all the GTA 5 players are aware of the cool cars available in the game. You can paint all the cars based on the theme of Halloween adding to the excitement. Some of the popular vehicles we know from the previous Halloween event are Halloween Horn, Romero Hearse, Lurcher, Franken Stange, and Sanctus chopper.

Custom Phantom Car in GTA Online

Custom Phantom Car GTA 5 Halloween 2021
Christine On Fire (1983 Film)

According to reliable sources, we have a special update on an upcoming “Phantom Car” random event as part of the “Halloween 2021”. Hyped up already? It appears to be based on the infamous Fiery Fury scene from the 1983 film “Christine”, where a Plymouth Fury chases Buddy, in a roar of flames. Wondering where to get the car and curious to know about its features?

How to get custom tornado phantom car in GTA online during Halloween event 2021

Custom Phantom Car GTA 5 Halloween 2021It appears to take place at the Blaine County Savings Bank, and there you can find a custom vehicle and robber spawn at the bank. A ped is run over and set on fire. It involves a dark-red Tornado Custom with Benny’s wheels, yellow-on-black license plate “EAB 211″. The vehicle appears to be explosion and fire-proof to an extent, with unbreakable parts and strong axles. The vehicle comes with custom flame sounds and effects, as well as a custom detuned horn. During the event, “Slasher” music from the 2015 Halloween Update will be played.

Custom Phantom Car GTA 5 Halloween 2021
Custom Tornado Phantom Car

So fingers crossed to experience the awesome and fiery tornado phantom car at the Halloween event 2021!