How to get Golden Pogcat in Pet Simulator X

Finally, the wait has ended for players to achieve the Pog cat and The Pog Champ Achievement. Ever since The Pog Champ Achievement update came to the server, players have been questioning how to get the Pog cat and upgrade to the golden Pog cat. Do not worry,this is a guide for you to get a golden Pog cat. The Pog cat is an Epic pet in Pet Simulator X, which can be obtained by hatching from the Pog Egg, also known as “omg pog egg,” with a chance of 49% or get rewarded for earning the Pog Champ Achievement. The players can receive the pet only from Pog Champ Achievement. This is the only pet in Pet Simulator X which had its features updated.

How to get a Golden Pogcat in Pet Simulator X?

The first thing you have to do to get a golden Pog cat is to move to the egg shop and go to the left corner, where you will find a machine called “make pets golden.” Reach out there and select the Pog cat, which you want them to turn into a golden Pog cat. The selection of the very first Pog cat will have a 13% chance of getting the golden Pog cat, and its price starts from 250 gems. If you select multiple Pog cats, your chance of getting a golden Pog cat will increase to 100%, and subsequently, the number of gems for each purchase will increase by 200. The Pog cat was originally an exclusive level 3 pet and is only available from 11th September to 18th September 2021 in the Pog Egg, which will last for about a week.


The Epic Golden PogCat in Pet Simulator X

Have you completed the impossible Pog Champ Achievement yet!

To get a Pog cat by Pog Champ Achievement, firstly, you need to go to the spawn island, which is the opening location of the game. The next step for you is to move towards the only VIP area (the only VIP area will open if you have unlocked rank IMPOSSIBLE or higher). While you face the door and move very close to the blue building, you have to type “knock-knock” on the chat box at the left top corner of the screen and hit enter. If you are close enough to the door, you will teleport into a dark area with a single egg, and you will also receive the Pog Champ Achievement and get your first very free Pog Cat.