How to get Heavenly Peacock in Pet Simulator X ?

Thus far in our blogs, we have discussed several methods to hatch several new exciting pets and the best fusing combos to obtain powerful pets. With the heaven update having been released, players are still exploring different ways to get the heavenly pets, both normal and golden Empyrean pets. In our blogs, we have provided the best fusing combo methods to get the golden empyrean pets such as stallions, foxes, snakes and even mythical Angelus and legendary dragons.

How to get a heavenly peacock in pet simulator x

How to get Heavenly PeacockAs we all know, hatching the normal heavenly eggs will give us angel cat, angel dog, dove, Pegasus and heavenly peacock. In our previous blog, we have discussed the three best methods to get all the three versions of Pegasus – Normal Pegasus, Golden Pegasus and Rainbow Pegasus.

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Here we have provided the two possible methods to get the heavenly Peacock in pet simulator X. Check them out!

Method #1 Hatching

This is the easiest method. Make sure that you have activated both the super lucky and ultra lucky boost passes. Now all you need to do is to purchase the normal heavenly egg worth 350 Million. Buy and open the normal heavenly eggs as many times as possible till you get the heavenly peacock. This is solely up to your fortune.

Metho #2 Fusing

Fusing methods are always exciting. As it is all about expecting the unexpected. Other than hatching, the fusing method is the cheap and best alternative to the heavenly Peacock. Here we have provided one such best fusing combo that would give you the heavenly peacock. Head towards the beach area and use the following combo in the fusing machine.

Fusing Combo to get heavenly peacock in pet simulator x

  • Choose and fuse 4 Hell Rocks + 4 Hell Chicks to get the heavenly peacock.

Keep in mind that this may also give a golden Empyrean stallion. Repeat this fusing combo method till you get the heavenly peacock.

There you are! We hope you get it! These are the two best possible methods available to get the Heavenly Peacock. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!