How to get Hell Spider in Pet Simulator X ? Best Fusing Combo For Golden Hell Spider

The fans are on cloud nine after the back-to-back updates in August 2021 and the brand new Travelling Merchant update on Sep 4th, 2021. Pet Simulator X has become one of the most playable and enjoyable games among those who love to play role-playing fantasies. There has been increasing in the visits for this game on Roblox. It seems like Preston was really working hard after his summer vacation. In our previous blogs, we have discussed everything about heaven update and traveling merchant update. The Hell update was the third update for Pet Simulator X. The hell broke loose before the heaven update. Like any other portal, we have two eggs: the normal hellish egg and the golden hellish egg for the hell portal. Speaking of the hellish pets, we can hatch or fuse and get Hell Chick, Hell Rock, Hell Hound, Hell spider, Demon, the legendary hound of shades, and the mythical wyvern of shades.

How to get Hell Spider in Pet Simulator X?

How to get Hell SpiderMany players face difficulty in hatching or fusing pets to get the Hell Spider. Buying and hatching a hell spider is nearly impossible as it is an epic, rare pet with only a 0.26% chance of getting hatched from the hellish egg. Therefore, the wisest choice is leaving behind the various unnecessary attempts to hatch the hell spider from the eggs and trying out the best fusing combo method. Make sure that you have activated both super lucky and ultra lucky passes.

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Here we have provided you with the best fusing combo to get the golden hell spider.

Best fusing Combo to get Golden Hell Spider in Pet Simulator X

  • Choose and fuse 6 Golden Skele + 2 Golden Reaper + 2 Golden Willow Wisps to get the Golden hell spiderĀ ( As you are fusing golden pets, you get the golden version of hell spider)

Also, if you hatched the normal hell spider by chance, you can make it gold by using the golden machine and rainbow by rainbow machine at the Mine Biome. So there you go! We hope you get it! Click here to know how to get the rare demon pet.