How to get mythical pets from traveling merchant in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X has emerged as one of the most popular role-playing, fantasy-based Roblox games featuring exciting pets. Each pet has its own unique feature. There are eggs for each portal available in the game. Let it be samurai island, rainbow island, candy island, heaven island, hell island, or whatever island is available in the game. You will get to hatch a variety of eggs to get a variety of awesome unique pets.

There are so many normal pets, golden pets, rainbow pets, and mythical pets. In the second update of Pet Simulator X, we got the mythical phantom wolf; in the third, a.k.a hellish update, we could trade and get the mythical wyvern of shades. We were able to hatch the mythical angelus, the heavenly update. You can have a look at the methods and ways to hatch or fuse pets to the mythical pets in our previous blogs.

Get mythical pets from Traveling Merchant.

Get mythical pets from travelling merchant

Most of the players are not even familiar with this term, traveling merchant. As most of us are obtaining new pets using hatching, fusing, and trading methods, you must not be familiar with this. This update called Travelling Merchant has been launched recently. Travelling Merchant is a non-playable character in the game who appears once every 20-45 minutes. You need to be aware of the duration and keep checking the chatbox of your device. Now, you need to look for a notification that would appear once the traveling merchant appears in the game. You must be aware of the location, where he appears, and when he appears. Then you need to teleport to that place.

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Here is everything you need to know about getting the mythical pets from the traveling merchant.

  • Basically, the traveling merchant will appear only for 10 minutes.
  • You can buy as many golden and rainbow pets as you can for diamonds till they go out of stock.
  • As you buy them, your respect level for that merchant goes up, and it stays all time.
  • If you buy a bunch of pets and if your respect level goes to level three, you will be able to buy the rarest pet in the tier three slot!
  • If you’re not able to get as many pets as you want within 10 mins from the merchant, you need to wait from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the server, for the merchant to appear again.

There you go! We hope you get it. This is how you can get mythical pets from a traveling merchant. In our next blog, we have provided you with the location of the traveling merchant.