How to get mythical Wyvern of Shades in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X update 2 has been launched with the inclusion of the mythical pet Phantom Wolf. Likewise, Pet Simulator X update 3 has also been launched including the addition of a mythical pet, “ Wyvern of Shades”. This mythical pet is nearly impossible to hatch on our own. However, there is an alternative method for trading our most powerful pets and get the mythical pet in return from the players around the globe who have hatched the mythical pet and are willing to trade.

How to get the mythical Wyvern of Shades?

Here is a list of 12 steps that are needed to be followed to get the mythical Wyvern of Shades in Pet Simulator X Update 3. Check them out!

Step 1: Unlock the fantasy area of the newly added Hell Island.

Step 2: Enter the portal and after some time you will be able to start farming with three large chests available in Hell Island.

Step 3: Make sure you purchase the new passes – the auto hatch pass and the boost pass. ( Note: Auto Hatch pass plays an effective role in hatching eggs and boost pass speeds up and doubles or triples your perks and rewards)

Step 4: After having farmed in the new hell Island by destroying the huge chests, you will have gained enough rewards to afford the hellish eggs.

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Step 5: Purchase and hatch as many ordinary and golden hellish eggs as possible. The hellish pets are cool indeed.

Step 6: As now it’s time to hatch, head towards the fusing machine that can be found in a couple of areas such as the beach and desert.

Step 7: Use the fusing combo of 7 Rainbow Ghosts and 5 Rainbow Reapers. ( One of the best working methods that gives a golden hound of shades. There are several other methods too.)

Step 8: Acquire as many golden legendary hounds of shades as possible. Keep repeating the fusing combo until you gain a minimum of 12 golden hounds of shades.

Step 9: Travel to an area where you have a rainbow fusing machine.

Step 10: Fuse a combo of 6 golden hounds of shades to get a rainbow hound of shades. Repeat this fusing method as long as you have enough golden hounds of shades. It is better if you have 3 rainbow hounds of shades!

Step 11: Now your primary goal is to trade your rainbow hounds of shades with the players who have the mythical pet Wyvern of Shades. Once you have enough rainbow hounds of shades, you will be able to look for and find the players with the mythical pet.

Step 12: After finding the player with the mythical pet, all you have to do is to set the trade! Trade your legendary rainbow hounds of shades along with some other valuable pets such as rainbow agonies or golden agonies, as per the request of the player who is offering you his/her mythical pet. After negotiating, click on the trade and get your mythical pet successfully via trading!

We hope you get it! Do give it a try and get your mythical Wyvern of Shades!