How to get new berry Holowear for Snorlax in Pokemon Unite

It’s pure bliss and excitement when it comes to the world of Pokemon. There are hundreds of intriguing Pokemon games available, with each game having earned its fandom at the global level. Developed by TiMi Studio Group and published by The Pokemon Company, Pokemon unite is one such game with a separate fandom. It was released for Nintendo Switch on 21st July 2021. It is all set to be available for Android and iOS next month in September. Hyped up already? Let us have a look at the fascinating features of this game.

Game Mode

Pokemon Unite is an awesome free multiplayer game that features unique strategic team battles. There are two teams in total with each team consisting of five players, so it is indeed an intense and exciting “ 10 man battle”. The battle takes place with a limited time and the team and its players who have scored more points win the battle. This is one of the interesting battle experiences available to witness in the game.

However, Pokemon Unite also comes with a unique storyline like most of the other role-playing Pokemon games, in which you get a weak Pokemon in the beginning, with which you get to capture as many wild pokemon and also battle against the people who are intruders on your way and win gym battles defeating the bosses.

The Special feature(s)

There are so many special features in addition. Speaking of which, Holowear is one such feature that adds more liveliness to the game. Yes! That’s right! Holowear, a unique cosmetic feature enables us to unlock and use different styles of outfits for certain Pokemon in the game ( Note: Holowear cannot be used on all the Pokemons) The holowear is used to bring special animation effects on the Pokemon as you play through the game. However, these holowears that are meant for special animation effects are meant to be purchased.

 Holowear for Snorlax

Berry Holowear For Snorlax

Snorlax is one such well-known, favorite, comic, and sentimental Pokemon for Ash in the anime. Let us know how to get the new berry holowear for Snorlax in this game. Before that, you need to remember that there is another holowear that provides Snorlax with the beach style of outfit. You can purchase the new berry holowear by the method of Aeos Emporium that involves 6000 Aeos coins or 345 Aeos Gems. After obtaining the new berry holowear, Snorlox’s effect of eating the berries increases drastically along with increasing levels in its basic moves and special moves. We hope you get it! What are you waiting for? Try the holowear and enjoy the cool outfit and animation!