How to get Pegasus in Pet Simulator X ?

We are aware of the Pet Simulator X Heaven update which is live now. The game looks dope with so many exciting features such as the biggest in-game chest, heaven gateway, pet collection machine, mythical Hunter pass, brand new mythical angelus, 3 new exclusive pets available to purchase, the normal and golden Empyrean eggs. The normal egg costs 350 Million and the golden heavenly egg costs a whopping amount of 3.15 Billion.

How to get Pegasus in Pet Simulator X

The normal egg that can be bought for 350 Million hatches the pets – Angel dog, Angel Cat, Dove, Heavenly Peacock, Pegasus, and other normal empyrean pets. On other hand, the golden egg that can be bought for 3.15 Billion hatches the pets – Golden epics Empyrean stallions, foxes, and snakes, along with mythical angelus and legendary dragon if you have activated mythical Hunter pass and other two lucky passes.

Here we have provided you with the list of methods to get Pegasus!

How to get Pegasus in Pet Simulator X

Method #1 – Normal Pegasus

The first method is pretty simple, as you need to buy normal heavenly eggs and hatch Pegasus out of them. This is solely based on your fortune. So to increase your luck, make sure that you activate both the lucky boost passes. Buy and hatch as many heavenly pets as possible until you get a normal Pegasus.

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Method #2 – Golden Pegasus

If you want a golden Pegasus, you must have obtained a normal Pegasus from hatching. Now all you need to do is to go to the golden machine and convert it into a golden Pegasus. This will also increase its stats. As simple as it is!

Method #3 – Rainbow Pegasus

Now looking for a rainbow Pegasus? Here we are providing you the best fusing combo to get the rainbow Pegasus.

Best fusing combo to get Rainbow Pegasus in pet simulator x

  • Choose and fuse 2 Empyrean foxes + 4 Empyrean stallions + 6 Empyrean snakes to get the awesome rainbow Pegasus.

There you go! Here we have provided you with a list of the best ways to get a normal Pegasus, a golden Pegasus, and also a rainbow Pegasus. We hope you get it! What are you waiting for? Give it a try!