How to get rainbow mythical Angelus in pet simulator x

With the BIG Games Studio having had released the Pet Simulator X update 4, a.k.a the Heaven update, the fans are frenzy over it. The game looks dope with new additions such as Heaven Island, heavenly eggs, heavenly Pets, mythical pets, mythical hunter pass, and pet collection machine. Update 4 has received a great reception from the players. The game features epic golden pets such as golden Empyrean Stallions, golden Empyrean foxes, golden Empyrean Snakes, and the legendary pet – Golden Empyrean Dragon. With the activation of mythical hunter pass, super lucky, and ultimate lucky passes, we can hatch the legendary mythical golden angelus from the golden heavenly egg. This is up to our fortune. When it comes to rainbow mythical angelus, we do not have any fusing combos and hatching methods to get it. The only way to get the rainbow mythical Angelus in Pet Simulator X is by trading.

How to get rainbow mythical Angelus?

How to get rainbow mythical Angelus

Here we have provided you with a list of steps to be followed to get rainbow mythical angelus. Note that you can get it only by the trading method.

Step 1: Unlock the new fantasy area, Heaven Island, for 777 Million.

Step 2: Make sure to purchase and activate the mythical hunter, super lucky, and ultra lucky boost passes.

Step 3:  Buy and hatch as many heavenly eggs as possible, both normal and golden eggs.

Step 4: On repeating the hatching process, you can gain golden epic pets along with golden legendary pet – Golden Empyrean Dragon, mythical golden pet – mythical angelus, and by hatching the normal eggs, you can also get a normal angelus.

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Step 5: Take all the powerful pets you have gained so far to the new Heaven Island, which is on the clouds.

Step 6: Out of all portals in the game, you can find the biggest chest in Heaven Island. Start farming with your pets.

Step 7: When you are farming the biggest chest, you will get the opportunity to trade with a player and get your rainbow angelus. All you need is to wait patiently till you find one on the server.

Step 8: When the player appears, you can initiate the trading with him. He will offer you the rainbow mythical angelus that you are looking for.

Step 9: Accept the offer and trade with him some real good pets such as a normal angelus, mythical golden angelus if you have multiple of them or the mythical phantom wolf from update two.

Step 10: If he accepts your pets, seal the deal.

So there you go! Follow these 10 simple steps to get the rainbow mythical angelus by the trading method.