How to get Secret Pets in Pet Fighters Simulator

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The Pet Fighter Simulator is a Roblox Game. This game is published by the Pet-Friendly Group. Here you can explore the various zone such as Grassy Plane Zone, Water Zone, and the Electric Zone. You can fight battles with the monsters in the game with your pet. Moreover, you can collect all different kinds of pets in the game. Pet Fighters Simulator game is available on the Roblox website for playing on your PC. This game is also available on your android. It is available in the PlayStore application and for iOS, it is available in the App Store.

Recently, the Pet Fighters Simulator added some pets to the game. They also added three secret pets which are not visible in the INDEX of the game. How do you get all the secret pets in Pet Fighters Simulator then? Do not worry, below there is the trick for you to get the secret pets in this game.

How to get Secret Pets in Pet Fighters Simulator

You will not find any secrets in the index of the game. But if you look into the description of the game, you will find some secret pets. There are a total of three secret pets given, one for each area. To date, only three secrets have been hatched. The secret pets from these areas can glow or have some other special abilities. They are known as shinny secret pets. From the first world, which is Grassy Plane Zone only two secret pets have been hatched in the world. Next, from the second world which is the Water world, also two pets have been hatched.

get Secret Pets in Pet Fighters Simulator
All the secret pets in Pet Fighter Simulator

Finally from the third world the Electric world, only one secret pet is hatched to date. More than 146000 people have tried to hatch these secret pets. But they are super rare. So it is pretty hard to get. Now, to get these secret pets, move into the Capsule area of each world and start hatching them. Each hatch will cost you around 3.8k coins. It will take a lot of spins since it is super rare, but if you are lucky enough you will get it pretty fast. The three secret pets from the three worlds are :

Grassy Plane Zone: Mammearth

Water Zone: AngloStick

Electric Zone: Electrobulb

You can equip the shinny version of these pets along with the normal secret pets at the same time. The amazing fact about “Mammearth,” is players can hear the footsteps of these pets from two miles.

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