How to get the New Golden Mythical Angelus in Pet Simulator X

As we have seen in our previous blog, The BIG games studio has recently launched Pet Simulator X update 4 featuring the brand new Heaven Island – an island on clouds with a massive heaven chest! Preston had already revealed to us a glimpse of this update 4 in his tweets. We have several new additions along with Heaven Island. They are the 13 new pets, including 1 mythical and 3 new exclusive pets, readdition of 15 pets equipped pass at an increased price of 1799 Robux and the new mythical Hunter pass that increases the chances of hatching a mythical pet. Some balance changes have been added to benefit the gamers.

How to get the New Golden Mythical Angelus

How to get the New Golden Mythical Angelus


One of the most notable features of Pet Simulator X is that you can hatch mythical, legendary pets from the eggs without using any fusing combos or trading methods. Still wondering how? By using the brand new mythical Hunter pass! Here we have provided you with a list of 5 steps that you need to follow to hatch the new golden mythical Angelus. Check them out!

Step 1: The first and foremost thing you need to do is purchase the new mythical Hunter pass available for 1799 Robux. Mythical Hunter pass will significantly increase your chances of hatching mythical pet(s).

Step 2: Now activate the Super Lucky and Ultra lucky passes. If you have purchased these passes yet, do purchase them and activate them. Super Lucky pass costs 199 Robux, and Ultra Lucky pass costs 399 Robux.

Step 3: Now it’s time to buy the eggs. After unlocking Heaven Island, having farmed the biggest heaven chest, you can afford to buy the golden Empyrean eggs. Note that a single golden Empyrean egg costs 3.15 Billion. Buy multiple eggs and open them.

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Step 4: You may get several golden heavenly pets such as the epics – gold Empyrean Stallions, golden Empyrean foxes, golden Empyrean Snakes, and legendary pet – Golden Empyrean Dragon.

Step 5: Keep on buying and opening the golden Empyrean eggs unless you get the mythical pet, Golden Angelus. Based on your fortune, you can hatch and get a Golden Angelus pet that has a power level of 57M as soon as possible.

We hope you get it! What are you waiting for? Give it a shot and get your powerful mythical golden Angelus!