[Updated] How to get the Pogchamp Cat in Pet Simulator X?

There are always rumors, speculations, anticipations, leaks, and news centering on the game, Pet Simulator X. One of such most discussed things about Pet Simulator X is Pogchamp pet. Yes! Whenever we open a discussion community of Pet Simulator X, we can see many players raising questions on how to get the pogchamp pet. Many players were wondering if there is a pogchamp in the game. Many are wondering how to get the pogchamp pet.

How to get the Pogchamp cat in Pet Simulator X?

Pogchamp Cat exists!

How to get the Pogchamp CatThe game owner Preston has confirmed the availability and tweeted that “there is a way to get pog cat btw“. After this first hint on the availability of the Pogchamp cat, the players started exploring every area in the game. However, most of them have failed in their attempts, and some have given up trying. It seems like still, the players have chances to get the pogchamp cat. It is because we can still see the pog champ cat in the pet collection machine. Yes! Go to the pet collection machine. Scroll down to the bottom where legendaries and exclusives are kept and you will find pogcat next to the blobfish.

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A Riddle to crack!

The players are fed up with their attempt in trying to get the pog champ cat. To the surprise, Preston has come up with a second hint on pog champ, which has boosted the curiosity and hopes of the gamers. The hint is almost like a riddle. It says like, where the deserted land meets cold tundras, a smile smears across, 17 skies of the horizon, of who knows its deepest creatures.” Perplexed already? It seems like cracking this riddle would lead us to discover the location of the pogchamp cat. However, many gamers have tried to crack this riddle. All they could find is a small gap between the glacier region and deserted island and several little treasure chests. They suppose that Preston might add a new area here in the new update.

There is an interesting and mysterious fact you can find in the game. When you explore the glacier region, you can find a frozen man along with a pogchamp like a cat in the corner. Nobody can figure out what that is all about. It is also noticeable that the man has the old merchandise of the game. The gamers also doubt whether this mysterious stuck man and his pet in the ice are related to the riddle given by Preston.

With two major hints provided by Preston, the gamers are keen on figuring out where they can find the Pogchamp cat.

Update- Confirmed Location of Pogchamp Cat in Pet Simulator X

After a lot of teasing, we’ve got a confirmed location of Pogchamp Cat in pet simulator X. Curious already?. So, just Spawn blue Left Building, go close to the door and say knock knock, and you’re done. But to teleport into the door to get pogchamp cat you will have a level of more than 11b coins.

We hope you get it! Keep on trying to get the pogchamp cat—all the very best.