How to make a private match with friends in Splitgate 2021

If you are looking for a sci-fi shooter game to play, then Splitgate is just for you. The Splitgate is a free-to-play, rapid FPS multiplayer shooting game, that provides the innovative features of player-controlled portals. The game upholds the classic FPS close combats in a fast-paced environment with the unexpected twist of portals, high flying mechanisms, and multi-dimensional combat availing players with futuristic experience. Splitgate offers more than 20 maps, with each location has its own looks and have a unique playing style and settings. The game also has over 15 gaming modes, exciting challenges, various characters with customizing features, and a ranking system with a leaderboard for players to compete. IGN describes Splitgate as “Halo meets Portal”.

How to play a private match with friends in Splitgate?

Splitgate provides its players with cross-play functionality, which lets us play with or against our friends in a private match. All multiplayer modes have 4v4 matchups, which means eight players divided into two teams will be combating each other in the private match.

In just three easy steps you can create a private match. First, select the “Play” option from the main home screen. Then choose the “Custom” option, which is available at the top middle of the screen. Do not worry by seeing too many names there, then toggle to the “Create” option at the left corner of the screen, and the private match is ready. Then you will have to create a server name, which can be anything you want. Make sure the “Private Server” option is selected so that random online players cannot join your server, and give a password. To let your friends join you in the private match, you need to share the server name and password.

Once the match is ready, set the map, match time, and make sure the bots are off for a better gaming experience. Additional settings like the jump, jetpack, speed of the character, and others you can set according to your requirement and start the match once everything is set. It will take a few seconds to load, and here you go clashing with your friends in close encounter combat.


Splitgate private room
Splitgate private room match with friends

Benefits of a private match in Spitgate

Playing a private match with friends in Splitgate can be very entertaining and also competitive. The players can practice their portal timings at different angles, improve shooting skills, explore and learn any map of choice. They can also learn new skills from their friends. Players can enjoy all the with different settings rather than the default settings, giving them a more vivid gaming experience. Even if you do not have any friends to play with, unchecking the “Private server” option will allow other online players to join your server.