How to play Amazon Luna on Android?

How to play Amazon Luna on Android

Amazon Luna is both developed and managed by Amazon itself. This cloud gaming platform was released on 21st October 2020 through beta versions. Later, on 1st March 2021, it was officially released. This gaming platform features more than 100 games which have an introductory price of $5.99 per month. It was sometimes announced that AWS would power Amazon Luna. In addition, Amazon said that this platform could be accessed from Microsoft Windows, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and Android. Today’s article will discuss how to play Amazon Luna on Android.

How to play Amazon Luna on Android?

Amazon Luna is now available across all the above-mentioned platforms. You can use your mobile phone as a virtual controller for playing games with Luna. However, your Amazon Luna has to be connected to any compatible device, which includes PCs, Fire TVs, or Samsung Smart TVs. Now to play Luna on your Android, follow the given instructions.

Download the Luna Controller application on your phone
  1. First, you must download the Luna Controller application from your mobile store.
  2. Once installed, launch the application and then sign in using your Amazon account. 
  3. Then click on Play with Phone Controller.

Once this setup is done, follow these instructions.

  1. Open your Amazon Luna application to any of your compatible devices: Mac, TV, PC, or Samsung Smart TVs.
  2. Now launch the Launch Controller application from your phone.
  3. Look for Launch options, and then click on it under your virtual controller. Your controller will now connect to Luna.
  4. Once all this setup is done, use your virtual controller to select the game you wish to play and launch it. 

This is how you can play Amazon Luna with your mobile phone. You must remember that every time you wish to play Luna on your phone, you will have to follow the second set of instructions. Even the guests can download the Luna Controller application on their phones and join the gameplay. 

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