How to play as pros in PGA 2k23?

PGA 2K23 is a sports genre video game developed and published by HB Studios and 2K Sports, respectively. In this video sports game, you will find many popular golf courses based on the U.S PGA Tour. You will find this game on the current generation consoles and Microsoft Windows, except on Nintendo Switch. The game features both multiplayer and single-player modes along with Career mode, where players can create their own virtual golfing career.

Go Pro In PGA 2k23

Previously in PGA 2K21, there were no available pros. However, this time, Tiger Woods will not just be in the poster. You can see him in action in PGA 2K23 game, along with several other pros. In this game of the PGA Tour, there are a total of 12 pros available at your fingertip. You can choose among any of the pros from the list.

Pros in PGA 2K23

To select your pro, you need to head over to my career, and from there, you can select your pro in PGA 2K23. In addition, you will even be able to customize the looks and skills of the pros. Set your My Profile with all the necessary skills, and jump into the gameplay of PGA 2K23.

How will you get Michael Jordan and Steph Curry in PGA Tour 2K23?

To play with Michael Jordan, you will have to unlock him. But to do that, you must have the pre-ordered version of the game. Once you have the pre-order, he will automatically get unlocked and brought to your MyCareer profile. Steph Curry has already been introduced in other games of 2K, like the NBA 2K. There is a high chance he will also be brought in PGA Tour 2K23. Till then, you will simply have to wait for Steph Curry.