How to reach max level of respect in Pet Simulator X Merchant

Pet Simulator X launched a new update named Travelling Merchant update on September 4th, 2021. The new traveling merchant appears for a brief time in-game and sells a variety of pets, including the mythical. However, we need to spend millions on diamonds to buy them. The availability of the merchant is based on the server. We have discussed the major features of traveling merchants in our previous blogs, both in brief and in-depth. Here we have provided you the ways on how to reach the max level of respect so that you can obtain the mythical and rarest pets available in the slot of the third tier available at the traveling merchant.

How to reach the max level of respect?

Max Level Respect Traveling Merchant

  • To begin with, the traveling merchant will appear only for 10 minutes per time.
  • The cost range of pets is anywhere between 1 Million gems to 24 million gems.
  • As mentioned earlier, there are three tiers when it comes to unlocking to buy the pets from the merchant. Buying normal and golden pets does not require more respect level as they are available for sale in the very first tier.

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  • However, if you have billions of diamonds and wish to buy legendaries and mythical ones, you need to unlock the other two tiers. The second tier can only be unlocked by purchasing as many pets as possible that belong to the first tier. As you keep on buying, your respect level will increase, and the next tier, the second tier, will get unlocked, and then it will appear like the first tier is out of stock.  You can buy as many legendary pets from the second tier as possible.
  • However, it is quite difficult to unlock the third tier because you need billions of diamonds to buy the legendary pets, and other perks for that would slowly increase, unlike for the second tier. You will have to keep on buying the pets until it appears as out of stock.
  • It is important to keep in mind that it is not possible to unlock the third and final tier in one merchant’s visit. You must have to wait and repeat buying the pets till your perks increase drastically, and then you will be able to unlock tier 3 that has mythical pets to buy.

There you go! This is everything you need to know about the very recent update of Pet Simulator X. Max up your level and buy the rarest and mythical pets from the traveling merchant. We hope you get it!