How to save money on wages in Football Manager 22 or FM22?

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Football Manager 2022 is a football management video game. Sports Interactive developed it. The publisher of this video game is Sega. They are launching this new version of this game that is going to be released on 10th November 2021. FM22 has 123 leading football leagues. You can easily find your perfect football club out of this. This game also has reached more than 500,000 online real players. FM22 will also let you guide your players, train them to win every match. This feature even gives you the ability to take all the key decisions in between matches.

Are you struggling with your finances in Football Manager 2022? Here is a guide for you! You can save a considerable amount of money by following the procedures. Saving money over any deal is not an overnight procedure. But this will have an impact on your club and potentially change your outlook on finances. 

How to save money on wages in Football Manager FM22?

Well, in FM21 the best tip to save your money is, whenever you renew contracts and remove the bonuses. You may have to pay more nominal wages to players, but these tips will undoubtedly save you a lot of money in FM22. Moreover, these tips are also going to work for both the Football Manager 2022 and 2021.

  • Bonuses and Clauses

Let’s take an example of an Everton Player, Bernard, what he wants. If Everton doesn’t qualify for Champions League, it is not a headache to think about his demands. Increase his existing wage-price from £165k wage to £264k per week. Do this only if he plays three matches a week. So if he performs well and plays more than three games a week, they will increase their wage to £49k. It will add now on top of £264k, which will sum up £313k per week.

The final step for you will be to negotiate the wage after excluding all the bonuses and clauses from £1690k to £165k; that is his base salary with bonuses. This trick will save you millions of money in big clubs and thousands per year at lower-end clubs. 

  •  Loyalty Bonus and Agent Fee

Another trick to save your money is by cutting off the loyalty bonus. Now, if the agent demands an ample amount, which is considerable, then you can start negotiating. Let’s take an example of a player called Seamus Colemans, who is 32. Giving him an extra £20k a week, he would no longer receive the bonuses he has. Since the loyalty bonus will be £2.5M, you will save a massive amount of money this way.

Save Money in Football Manager FM21
Save money by negotiating with the agent

We hope these two examples can really maximize your savings from the clubs and wages of the players. This method applies to all clubs no matter the country or reputation. It is basically a cheat on the AI. So, have a good time saving your money with all the mentioned strategies.

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