How to unlock all Dungeon and Akaza Powers in one Hour in Anime Fighting Simulator

In this post, here we have provided you with a list of 15 steps to be followed to unlock all Dungeon and Akaza Powers in one hour. Check them out!

1. Go ahead and make sure that you are doing it at full speed, and it’s because you need to be fast, and probably the majority of your time should be spent on speed training because you need that the most to run around and not get killed by the bosses or the NPCs in the dungeon. You don’t need to train sword, chalk, or anything of these.

2. Next, just walk around and go ahead and get your power because you will need some powers, and eventually, you will have some chikara that’s left, and that will be spent on champions.

3. You need to get something overhaul. So, strive for that after getting the power that you need to walk to the other side of the map. Make sure that you should increase your speed while you are walking. You need to keep looking for the volcano.

4. Then you need to acquire this champion Renkugo who trains 105 swords, 95 strengths, 50 durability nerfs and unleashes all damage to 35, and buffs all damage by 60 players. If you’re below 20Hp, you will be set on fire.

5. Next, go ahead and do the quests. You need to get yourself 20 agility, 20 speed, and unequip the champion Renkugo because he trains the speed multiplier, which is very good and gives you more speed in the long term, and also you need to get yourselves, 100 trackers.

6. Next, go ahead and get the skill of sword. Keep going until you have a few 100 yen, and go ahead and do some speed training.

7. You need to have all your skillings done before the hour is done. After the hour, you have to go inside the dungeon and defeat the boss.

8. Go ahead and summon Renkugo and also get your limitless ( Cursed Technique). You have to stand in the corner, and you should use the limitless x ability. You have to battle the boss and try and destroy him. There are 5 tiers to destroy the demon fox. The technique is to stand before him at a conventional distance, use your x ability, and walk through!!

9. Next, after defeating the demon fox, you need to move into the dungeon! You have to gain your special, which will be quirk on 8 and the otter on 9, and get your Renkugo champion as well. Now start and get in the dungeon.

10. Simply, you get yourselves to the overhaul and you are going to use the c ability on the mob. Just go and lure everything and press c, and now you have to switch off and use x ability on the mobs.

11. Once you are completed with this, go ahead and turn off the curse technique and for the next one, go ahead and switch back and use flying sword slash, which will do 32 damage if you aim it at the right thing.

12. When you are at the final bridge, be extremely careful because the boss will incur massive damage. The technique is to go ahead and plow through them and try not to get hit! Kite all the stragglers and then go towards defeating the pack!

13. After defeating the pack, go ahead and get ready for the boss! The technique is when the boss will walk towards you, press the c ability, and pop your curse technique. Be ready for your sword slash. Make sure you are in exact range, and there you need to use your x ability and defeat the boss.

14. After defeating, move towards dimension 5, go inside the Mugen train, and be ready for the Akaza boss by making your champion and quirk all in place. The technique is after Azaka appears, walk to him immediately and stun him. Then go back and be ready to use the other skill. Make sure to turn off your screen shake because it will mess up with your aim.

15. Now go back and do the damage, switch back to the curse technique, and use your ability again and defeat him!

There you go! This is how you can unlock the dungeons and defeat Akaza. We hope you get it!