How to unlock new Tech World and AFK Chest in Pet Simulator X

The brand new Space update is finally here, and it comes along with much exciting cool stuff! The BIG game studio has just released the latest updates for Pet Simulator X on September 18th, 2021. The most awaited Tech World is here with lots to discover in it. Hidden AFK Chest with loads of gems and coins. Guess what’s made its return in Pet Simulator X! The Dark Matter Pets are here. These new pets are insanely strong and are the most coveted pets you can own. Four new eggs have been included in the Tech World and 22 new pets, including three mythical and three exclusive pets. There is a new Magic Eggs Gamepass available, which gives golden or rainbow pets when hatched. New achievements have been added, and a brand new boost called the Triple Damage Boost makes the game super fun to play now.

How to unlock new Tech World and AFK Chest in Pet Simulator X

This is so far the biggest update in Pet Simulator X. Along with many new exciting events and offers, this time, the BIG studios have introduced an entirely new world, the Tech World. If you are finding it difficult to find the new AFK Chest and go to the Tech World, then worry not here we are to guide you.

To find the AFK Chest and the brand new tech world, you need to unlock and teleport to the Glacier area in the spawn island. Now in the center of the left wall, you will find a new door. You need to break it down with 7.5 billion fantasy coins. Once you enter the new zone, you will see a huge chest with a health of 5 trillion right in front. That is the new AFK Chest which you’ll need to grind to get the rewards inside. Sometimes you may need to wait a while for the chest to drop if it doesn’t show there!

How to find new AFK Chest and Tech World in Pet Simulator X
AFK Chest in Pet Simulator X

Now to go to the Tech World, you have to go past the AFK Chest. There you will find a cannon that will fire you along with your pets to the brand new Tech World. The Tech world has its own tech currency, which you will get from breakables. For now, there is only Tech City and Dark Tech available in the Tech World. Once you unlock the Dark Tech, you will find the Dark Matter Machine there!