How to use Staff Points in Madden 22 Franchise mode

As Madden NFL 22’s launching date is very close, the sporting fans are awaiting in high anticipation to take part in the tournaments and win the big pool of prize money. The video game NFL 22 is set to be released on August 20th, 2021. It is reportedly said that the game developer EA has added so many changes, improvements, and features to the franchise mode of the game.

Staff Points & their Significance

EA has also revealed some of the details of the upcoming games and tournaments which we have seen in our previous articles. One of the important features of Madden 22 which you need to know is “ Staff Points”. In fact, you need to gain familiarity with staff points. So what are staff points? What significance does it hold in the game?

Staff Points are significant in such a way that they are used to upgrade the tree traits of the coaches in the franchise mode. In the game, each coach has a particular attribute level. To boost attribute levels of the coaches, we need more tree traits. Staff Points are used to upgrade these so-called tree traits that every coach possesses already and requires to keep on boosting their attributes. This will help you get effective and better results.

Madden 22 Staff Points

Earning Staff Points

How to earn these staff points? Follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: You need to choose and select weekly team goals for each coach. ( on the goal selection screen)

Step 2: The weekly team goals range from getting multiple touchdowns. You can win the game by 14 or more points in the first half. ( An example of weekly team goal)

Step 3: If you succeed in accomplishing all your weekly goals, you will be able to obtain the tree traits as rewards.

If you’re not clear with how to use staff points still, do watch this. We hope you all get it! See you in the game then!