Is Black Clover Worth Watching And Reading? An Honest Review

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover series is one of the most popular shonen series in the world. Its manga and anime were both huge successes, with positive fan feedback. In February 2015, the manga was first published in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Studio Pierrot adapted the manga into an anime series. In this post, we discuss – “Is Black Clover Worth Watching And Reading?”

What is the story of Black Clover?

Asta, a young boy, is on the quest to become the Wizard King. Asta is born different in a world where everyone is born with mana, or the ability to use magic. As a result, he emphasizes physical ability and strength.

He shares an orphanage with many other children. Yuno, another of the children, is a mana prodigy. Both see the other as a competitor for the title of Wizard King. Asta eventually obtains the five-leaf grimoire, which the Devils created to use anti-magic. Meanwhile, Yuno obtains the four-leaf grimoire used by the first Wizard King. Yuno joins the Golden Dawn, while Asta joins the Black Bulls of Yami Sukehiro. Even though they are assigned to different squads, their paths continue to cross as the Devils’ sinister plot unfolds.

Is Black Clover Worth Watching And Reading? An Honest Review

Black Clover is a new generation shonen series that gained massive popularity in recent years. The plot of this story follows the original source loyally with only a few changes here and there. The animation, the soundtracks, and the visual effects of the anime are absolutely stunning, and that alone deserves praises and recommendations.

Fans often complain about the first few episodes being boring. This is due to the terrible pacing in about the first 20 episodes of the anime. But fortunately, this issue was solved soon enough and the series became better in this aspect ever since. The Black Clover anime is also quite lengthy, thus watching it will require time and commitment. Fans were also irritated with the one-dimensionality of the characters but the development of each character has been impressive and effective.

Is Black Clover manga worth reading? 

The Black Clover manga is the better version of the Black Clover anime, at least according to most fans. The pacing of the manga is much better than that of the anime. Some fans even claim that the manga’s art is almost as good, if not better than the animation. There are also, of course, no fillers in the manga. The manga is completely focused on Asta and does not explore the side characters as much as the anime does.

The Black Clover manga has also recently approached its final arc, thus it will be ending soon. Reading the manga also allowed the fans to cover the entire series quickly. The manga also has more details since the anime adaptation has to leave out a few things.

Since both versions of the series are almost the same in terms of plot, fans can go for either of them. The manga will have the readers hooked from the first few chapters but it takes time for the watchers to get engaged with the anime. It would be best to check out some of the first few episodes or chapters of the series and then decide whether to continue with it or not.

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