Is F1 2022 coming to Xbox game pass? Release date & more

F1 2022 coming Xbox Game Pass

2022 year will be an exciting year for the players who are fond of racing. Plenty of racing games will be launched in this second half of the year. But, the best racing game out of them all seems to be the F1 2022. Codemasters is developing this game, and will roll out it on July 1st, 2022. Players will get the ultimate experience of F1 racing through the story-mode campaign. This article will disclose if F1 2022 is coming to Xbox Game Pass or not.

Is F1 2022 coming to Xbox game pass? Release date & more

Gaming fans are super excited about the launch of F1 22 and want to know about the platforms that will support the game. The game will be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. But EA Sports has not revealed anything about releasing this game via Xbox Game Pass. 

F1 2022 Game Pass
The gameplay of F1 2022

The EA company has owned all its game franchises, and it has an ongoing relationship with the Xbox Game Pass. Though the game will not be available in Xbox Game Pass during its time of launch, we can expect it to see soon. However, the previous edition of this game, i.e., F1 2021, had to wait several months for its arrival in Xbox Game Pass. So, we can expect a delay for the F1 2022 to arrive in the game pass. In this context, we can say that playing the F1 2022 game from Xbox Game Pass is only a matter of time now.

Will there be crossplay for F1 2022?

There are no games in the F1 series that have a crossplay feature. So, it is suspectable that this franchise edition will have any crossplay features. But, some leaks hint the crossplay feature is in the way of the new game. The game will feature a split-screen feature where players can play together with their friends sharing the same screen. 

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