Is Friday Night Funkin free to play on PC, macOs and Linux ?

Friday Night Funkin is a musical rhythm game to test your musical knowledge and reflexes. It was developed by Cameron Taylor, programmed by ninjamuffin99 on the OpenFl engine. The game’s plot revolves around a character named Boyfriend who wants to be with his girlfriend called Girlfriend, but her cruel father, Daddy Dearest, comes into play and disapproves of Boyfriend. His only intention is to kill his Boyfriend and protect her daughter. Fortunately, Daddy Dearest was an ex-rockstar, so Boyfriend have a chance to rap battle with her father and anyone who gets on his pathway. If he wins, he can finally get freaky and get what he wants. The Boyfriend will be you and you have to show your musical skills and reflexes to save from Daddy Dearest and win your Girlfriend. Try to apply musical notes at the right time, collect enough points and win the game. The game has different levels and missions, which are in a weekly format.

Is Friday Night Funkin free on PC, macOs and Linux ?

The game was launched on Browser, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms on 1st November 2020. It is a single-player mode game. The game is an ongoing project which means you will continue to receive updates for bug fixes, glitches, and new features. It is also an open-source project which allows the user to look into its assets or create a mod version of Friday Night Funkin. 

The game is available for free on many websites. You can always go searching the free version of the game, and you will get many websites offering the free version of the game, and some might even have the mod version of the game. The game has an online version and is free to run in any web browser. Friday Night Funkin is not available on PlayStation or Xbox. So do not waste your time searching for PS or Xbox version. Download Friday night Funkin from different websites, which are totally free, and enjoy your time completing the dreams of Boyfriend.

Play Friday Night Funkin on PC
Gameplay of Friday Night Funkin

Weekly missions to complete:

  • Week 1: Daddy Dearest
  • Week 2: Skid and Pump
  • Week 3: Pico
  • Week 4: Mommy Mearest
  • Week 5: Daddy Dearest Mommy Mearest
  • Week 6: Senpai and Spirit
  • Week 7: Tankman

How to control Characters and play the game swiftly

  1. WASD or arrow keys are in options for you to control the character. You can change this setting and set it to DFJK, which can be handier for you to play.
  2. Use 0 to mute.
  3. Press Enter key to select.
  4. Use Esc to exit from the gameplay.

There are other settings available that might be useful for you to play and control the character. Look for in-game settings, and you will get various settings available.