Is Humankind free on PC and consoles? Can we play Humankind for free ?

If you are looking for the latest historic civilization games, you are just at the right place. Sega released Humankind on 17th August 2021, and IGN awarded the game 7/10. The game introduces turn-based strategy (TBS) and is a multi-player game where players take turns while playing, unlike real-time strategy. This is a strategy-based game, where players will be re-writing the entire story of human history and creating a unique civilization with various cultures. The players experience a convergence of ancient cultures, historical movements, and values, making them relive through the evolution of mankind. HOW FAR WILL YOU PUSH HUMANKIND?

Is Humankind free on PC and consoles?

Well,the Humankind game is released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Stadia for now, and it is not free-to-play. The game needs to be purchased, and it comes in two editions: Standard edition (2399 INR) and Humankind deluxe edition (2899 INR). You can easily purchase and play Humankind from its official website or from the Steam website. Sadly, the Humankind game is not coming any time soon for consoles like PS4, PS5, and Xbox. Amplitude Studious developing the game has only announced its PC release but has not confirmed any information about any console version yet. However, they may release a console version of this game in the future, depending on the popularity and fan base.

Is Humankind free to play on PC?
Civilization growth in Humankind

You can surf through the torrent sites and can download the game files for free from there. After downloading, right-click the setup application and select run as administrator. The installation process will take few minutes,then it will be ready for you to play. Remember to disable the anti-virus before starting the installation of the software. But don’t trust the cracked version of the game as they may contain harmful viruses enough to damage your system. Thus, we recommend purchasing the game.

 Be the first to make history!

In Humankind, you will start with a nomadic tribe and build a thriving empire, dominating others. The goal is to become the most famous emperor in history and leave your mark on Humankind. Starting from the origins of the Neolithic tribe, followed by the transition to the Ancient Egyptian era, the Medieval Umayyads, and many more cultures for you to explore and lead your people from the ancient to the modern age.