Is Julius Dead In Black Clover? What Is His Age?

Julius Novachrono, also known as Chronovala, is the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. He used to be the captain of the Grey Deer squad. In the most recent chapters of the Black Clover manga, it is shown that his body has been taken over by another entity, and that entity is determined to destroy humanity and create a new civilization. In this post, we discuss the topic -” Is Julius dead in Black Clover or not” ?

Who is Julius?

Julius is the 28th Wizard King of the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom. He is a middle-aged man whose most distinctive feature is a star on the left side of his forehead, though it disappeared after his battle with Patolli. After his revival, he had the appearance of a young teenager, about 13 years old. Julius is an extremely powerful wizard and the only known human to use time magic.

What happened to him?

Julius Novachrono was born with two souls in his body. One was, of course, his own and the other was that of Lucius Zogratis. When Julius learns about the discrepancies in the information they had about the three rulers of the Underworld, he grows suspicious. The last ruler is supposed to be the devil Astaroth, who controls time.

But Astaroth disappeared many years ago, leading Julius to believe that he must have gained a new host. Since the only person who could use time magic was Julius himself, he realizes that the devil was inside him. But the realization came too late and Lucius took over his body. Lucius is the oldest of the Zogratis siblings and the original host of the devil Astaroth. 

Many years ago, he had traveled to the Clover Kingdom and was able to hide himself in Julius Novachrono’s body. Now, with the defeat of the strongest devils of the Underworld, he realized that it was time to take over Julius’ body and create a new race of human beings. After Lucius takes over Julius’ body, it regains its original appearance.

Is Julius dead in Black Clover?

Currently, no one is sure whether Julius is dead or not. Black Clover generally does not kill off its main characters. So, there is a high probability that Julius is currently only being suppressed by Lucius in his own body. Since usually, ‘taking over someone’s body’ doesn’t really equate to death, fans can expect that Julius might make a comeback. There is quite a low chance that Julius might have actually died. But nothing is confirmed right now. The coming chapters will give us a more accurate idea about Julius’ current status.

What is this age?

Julius Novachrono is 42 years old. After his battle with Patolli, he revived himself using his magic to create the body of a 13-years-old boy. Till this point in the story, Julius had kept his teenage appearance. In the recent chapters, after Lucius takes over his body, Julius’ body reverts to his original appearance with minor differences.

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