Is Komi San Can’t Communicate Manga finished ? What is its ending

Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. aka Komi San can’t communicate is one of the best series to read if you’re an avid fan of rom-com, a slice of life manga. The manga began serializing in Weekly Shonen Sunday from May 18, 2016. Before, the series author Tomohito Oda did release a one-shot in the same magazine. The series has become so popular that some weebs who are in the midway of manga or starting it are trying to figure out Is Komi San Can’t Communicate Manga finished or not?

Is Komi San Can’t Communicate Manga finished? What is its ending?

The answer to the question is No, Komi San Can’t Communicate manga is not finished yet. Since May 18, 2016, the manga has released 22 volumes and 322 chapters at the time of writing. Also, the story is nowhere to get ending very soon so you can relax.

Komi San Can’t Communicate Manga Plot

Is Komi San Can't Communicate Manga finished

The story of the series revolves around Shouko Komi, who joins elite Itan Private High School and on the very first day, she becomes popular because of her charismatic beauty and refined elegance. However, nobody knows about her issue in communicating with others except Hitohito Tadano, who sits next to her. Begin an average schoolboy, he approaches Komi-san to become his friend and encourages her to speak up more. Also, he sets out to help Komi in making at least 100 friends in school.

Komi San Can’t Communicate Anime Episodes Release Schedule.

After five years of manga, the series is also getting an anime adaption. Yes, Komi San Can’t Communicate anime is scheduled to air this fall 2021. The anime series will adapt to the manga series. It will air on TV Tokyo on October 7, 2021, and Netflix will be streaming it worldwide every week from October 21, 2021. Netflix hasn’t commented yet on the episodes list and schedule, but we can expect at least 24 episodes as manga has already crossed 322 episodes which are enough to make 100+ episodes.

The opening theme song of Komi San Can’t communicate is “Cinderella.” Cider Girl will perform it while Kirti will perform the ending theme song called “Hikareinochi”.