Is Naraka Bladepoint free to play on PC?

Naraka Bladepoint is a battle royale game. The developer and publisher of Naraka Bladepoint are 24 Entertainment and NetEase games Montreal. It was launched on 12th August 2021 via Steam Store. The game is only available for Microsoft Windows. It is an action-adventure game where all the heroes gather for frontal combat. Players can play solo or trio. Moreover, 60 players can join in the match at a time. The feedback of players is also very positive on the Steam Store. There are eight playable characters in the game so far, also among these eight characters. Naraka Bladepoint also has a ranking system based on the performance of your team. The ranking system is on worldwide ranking per hero. In addition to all these, the game is available in ten different languages. It has also won an award from Game Awards.

Is Naraka Bladepoint free to play on PC?

No, Naraka: Bladepoint is not free at all. To play the game, you need to purchase it from the Steam Store. It is available there for $16.13 U.S Dollars. Although, steam offers some frequent discounts. These discounts can be very beneficial for you to purchase and enjoy the gameplay. 

Naraka: Bladepoint can be played only on PC. The console version of the game is not released yet. Hence you cannot play the game on PlayStation or any Xbox console. There are four editions available for Bladepoint. 

  1. Naraka: Bladepoint (Rs. 1199)
  2. Naraka: Bladepoint- Deluxe Edition(Rs. 2199)
  3. Naraka: Bladepoint- Asura Edition(Rs. 2199)
  4. Naraka: Bladepoint- Ultimate Edition(Rs. 3199)

All of these editions are paid, and there are no free versions available.

Naraka Bladepoint is free to play
The gameplay of Naraka Bladepoint

There are many free versions of the game available on torrent websites, but you should avoid those. Since all those versions are mod versions, that can lead to a ban of UIDs and virus attacks on your device. 

Characters in Naraka Bladepoint

The game currently has seven playable characters.

  • Tarka Ji: He is a mighty warrior, and no matter how challenging the situation is, he will face it gladly.
  • Matari:  She has swift movements. Moreover, she is a perfect assassin and nightmare for those in power.
  • Viper Ning: She is beautiful, but she is deadly. Her blood contains a deadly poison, and her blade is always ready to fight.
  • Temulch: The death of his ancestral legends is burnt into his mind. So he is always keen to take his revenge.
  • Tianhai: He is obsessed with his call to save the world. So, anyone who stands in his path won’t hesitate to kill him.
  • Yoto Hime: She leaves the trail of the corpse behind her way, and no one could survive from her demonic blade.
  • Valda Cui:  She is the most capable character to fight for her justice and is also wonderful in debates.
  • Kurumi Tsuchimikado:  She is a lovely girl with healing skills.