Is New Tales From The Borderlands episodic?

Gearbox Studio Quebec developed New Tales From The Brotherlands, a sequel to the Brotherlands series Tales from the Brotherlands. It is scheduled for launch on 21st October 2022. You will find this game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. This game has a graphic adventure genre and will be available only in single-player mode. In this article, you will learn if New Tales From The Brotherlands is episodic or not.

Yes, New Tales From The Brotherlands will be an episodic game. The episodes will be chapter-based and are yet to be announced. There are six chapters, and the game story will be unlocked chapter-wise. It was confirmed that New Tales From The Brotherlands will not be episode-wise. But later, it was reversed, and the episode form of the story was brought back.

New Tales From The Brotherlands game character

The predecessor of this game, Tales From The Brotherlands, also shared the episodic structure. So fans of Brotherlands were sure this sequel would also share the same design. However, there is good news for Brotherlands fans. This time, players will not have to wait for the episodes to release. Instead, the episodes will be released at once, and players can jump right into them from the very first day.

The story setting of this game

The game will take place on the chaotic metropolis planet of Promethea. The protagonist will create a team of three famous faces, Anu, Fran, and Octavio, to navigate and fix the situation. As the game progresses, you will find mega corporations trying hard to destroy the planet. Besides this, you will even catch up with the assassin bots, bandits, and gun mans setting up a hilarious situation in the planet’s corners.