Is Power Denji’s Girlfriend In Chainsaw Man?

Denji is the protagonist of the Chainsaw Man series, and Power is one of the main side characters in the first part of the story. Both of them are in Makima’s special squad and work as Public Safety Devil Hunters. With their general closeness and dynamics in the story, it becomes quite natural for fans to wonder if they have a romantic relationship. Here, we will see how much of that is true.

Who is Denji?

Denji is the main character in the Chainsaw Man series. His father had taken out a large loan from the yakuza but died before repaying it. Denji was forced to make money in any way he could to pay for it. When the yakuza tries to sacrifice him to a Devil, Denji makes a pact with his then-pet Chainsaw Devil Pochita and returns to life fused with the Chainsaw Devil.

Who is Power?

Power is a part of Makima’s special squad and one of the supporting characters in the series. She is a Fiend and quite proud of herself for it. Power is introduced as a selfish, rude, gluttonous, and self-centered individual. But her character develops later on. When she develops affection for someone, she will protect and care for them at any cost.

What is their relationship?

Despite what their respective roles in the story might suggest, Denji and Power were not in a romantic relationship. They have a completely platonic friendship, Makima even stated that they acted as siblings after they started getting along. Denji took care of Power after she developed PTSD and even though they slept together, Denji felt nothing but pure concern for her. 

Since Denji and Makima were the most popular couple in the beginning, fans who were not happy with the primary option turned to the Denji and Power one. But their relationship didn’t go beyond that of close friends. Disappointment at this from many fans aside, Denji and Power certainly have one of the best friendships in the series till now.