Is Rocket League free to play on PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox?

Can you imagine how exciting a game can be where you can play soccer with cars? Rocket League is one such game initially launched for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in 2015. The developer and publisher of Rocket League are Psyonix, Panic Button Games. The game is also available in PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems. The game has attracted 20 million players since its launch. More than 20,000 players took part in their first world cup tournament. The game also won many awards like British Academy Games Award for Multiplayer 2016, BAFTA Games Awards for Evolving Game 2017, The Game Award for Best Independent Game, and many more. The genre of the game is football, sports video game, and action. Rocket League has both single-player and multiplayer modes, presenting a unique soccer-playing experience.

Is Rocket League free to play on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

Rocket League is now absolutely free-to-play on all platforms. Initially, the game came via Steam. The price of the game was $19.99 US Dollars. But later, Rocket League left Steam store in 2019 and now is available on Epic Games Store for free. Players who will download Rocket League will get a $10 coupon from Epic Players who played Rocket League by purchasing the game will now get Legacy status. The cross-platform progression is also free to play. A test version of Rocket League Sideswipe is also available on android and iOS for free. But to play the Rocket League Sideswipe Alpha Test, you should be a citizen of New Zealand or Australia. If you have this eligibility, you will be able to play the android and iOS versions of the game. Psyonix is also developing an IPAD version of the game. They urged to release of Rocket League free on every platform, which will be available worldwide.

Is Rocket League free to play on PC and Consoles
Rocket League in play

What will happen to the old players of the Rocket League?

If you purchased the Rocket League game before it was made free to play, then you can still continue in that account only. While you are playing from Steam, you can still play Rocket League with the old account. Even you can bring your old hard-earned items over the years and showcase them. The gameplay of the Rocket League will not be affected. Moreover, Epic Games Account will allow playing competitive rank on every platform with the old account. Players will get new Legacy Status. The new Legacy rewards include Huntress Player Banner, Dieci-Oro Wheels, Golden Cosmos Boost. More than 200 items are there in “Legacy” quality. You can earn more rewards as you go on playing the game. Thanks to Epic Games that made this popular game free and available for everyone.