Is Solo Leveling Webtoon Worth Reading?

Chugong’s Solo Leveling is a South Korean web novel published on Kakaopage. The first chapter came out in July 2016, and the final chapter in December 2018. This series has a manhwa adaptation, and an anime adaptation is on the way. Because both the web novel and the manhwa were huge successes, there are high hopes for the anime as well. In this post, we discuss if Solo Levelling is worth reading or not.

What is the story of this webtoon?

Solo Leveling tells the story of an alternate reality in which monsters and demons are real. There are humans in this world who have magical abilities. These people are known as “hunters.” Hunters must track down, fight, and kill these monsters. Weakness means death in such a dangerous world. As a result, survival was extremely difficult for Sung Jinwoo, a very weak hunter.

But everything changed when he was approached by a mysterious being known as the system. Sung Jinwoo is the only player in the system. Sung Jinwoo now possesses inexplicably powerful abilities, incredible strength, and a nearly unbeatable level. He embarks on an adventure to discover the truth about the dungeons, the monsters, and the source of his own power.

Solo Leveling: Review

Solo Leveling is one of the most popular webtoons of all time. While it follows the usual level system and overpowered protagonist tropes, Solo Leveling presents it in such a manner that readers just want to continue reading it. The plot of the webtoon is quite simple and straightforward and the execution of the story itself makes it a very compelling read.

The pacing of the story is rather slow. But it gradually picks up and in the thick of the action, one would rather be reading the story than be anywhere else. Solo Leveling’s art style is another plus point of the webtoon. It arguably has one of the best art styles among the webtoons that came out in the same period as Solo Leveling. The dark shades are captivating and forceful, capturing the audience’s attention and portraying the emotions of the scenes excellently.

The characters of the series start off as rather irritating, even the protagonist. But as the story progresses, the author introduces the readers to different aspects of the characters, which makes them relatable and enjoyable. The world-building and characters in the story are amazingly written and leave an impact on the readers.

Is Solo Leveling Worth Reading?

Solo Leveling is a very entertaining read. It is an extremely popular manhwa series and one of the highest-rated ones as well. While it is definitely true that many fans overhype the series a lot, it cannot be denied that it has its unique charm to back up most of that hype. With a beautiful art style and amazing writing, Solo Leveling does not disappoint its fans. It is best to read the first ten or so chapters of the manhwa and then decide if it is worth continuing or not.